Daily Angel Card New Year’s Day, 2019

An Angel Card Message for YOU, courtesy of my other site, Alluring Intuitive.
Enjoy! Love and Light LadyG 😘💋💋

DROP the burdens from yesteryear! My darlings, it is time to lay down those heavy burdens that you’ve carried all last year. Baby, you’ve made some emotional investments that simply aren’t paying off. This is 2019, a NEW year! God gave you intuition for a reason. Use it! The Angels are telling us that they are here to heal us if only we will receive it! If you desire abundance chile believe that it’s on the way. Love you! 😘💋💋********

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The Alluring Intuitive

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Musical Affirmation: 11/3/2016


Alternate title:  Intuition–Get into it!

“Mama Told Me Not To Come” by Three Dog Night  (Released 1970)

Sonically strange but catchy as hell!

That’s all that comes to mind whenever I think of this jam.

Best believe, it effectively evokes states of hazy, crazy, confusion and discombobulation.

The end results of not listening to Mama.

Now, I’ll give you the fact that Mama can’t go everywhere with you–Hell, my own Mama is happily skip-dancin’ in magical heavenly realms.

Therefore, it is so important that we all learn to cultivate our own inner knowing- our own “inner Mama.”

Intuition–Get into it!


And so…

Today’s Affirmation:  I trust and follow my intuition.

Intuition is your direct connection with The Divine.

A gift from God.

Take heed!

Your inner “Mama” ain’t never gon’ stir you wrong 😉

Tell ’em ’bout it boys:

Video Credit:  fritz51300

Have you ever followed or NOT followed your intuition and obtained an interesting or shocking result?

I’d love to hear about it!

Hit me up in comments 🙂


Lady G 😘💋