Happy Solstice!



Happy Winter Solstice!

The longest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere.

Tonight, I go inward to silently express gratitude and great expectation for wonderful things to come.

And just so you know…I’m so very grateful for each and every one of YOU!

Love and light LadyG ūüėėūüíčūüíč

Superpower Challenge



My friend Lisa A. over at Life of an El Paso Woman tagged me with the Superpower Challenge. Lisa is an awesome blogger! ¬†Some of you have, no doubt, met her at a “My Jams” afterparty. ¬†That said, she’s a regular around these parts and I enjoy bantering back and forth with her in comments.

If you haven’t had a chance to meet Lisa, you should! ¬†Start by checking her out at¬†Life of an El Paso Woman.¬† She’s always got something fun and interesting going on over there.

I love lurking around that joint.

Thanks for nominating me for this challenge Lisa!

The rules are as follows:

  • Name the creator of this tag .¬†FarahEdz @ The Girl With Coffe
  • Use the Tag image above.
  • Thank your superhero ¬†Nominator ‚Äď Lisa A.
  • Which or what super power would you want and why?


Friends, for this challenge, I decided to really, really, really think about the superpower that I’d want¬†to have most. ¬†I mean I gave it some serious thought!

And so…

I finally settled on being about to teleport!

For those of you who love defining terms, here’s a definition:

Teleport: To transport or be transported across space and distance instantly. (From http://www.oxforddictionaries.com)

Anyway,¬†I decided that if I am going to be transported across space and distance instantly, I’ll need some¬†DEEP, DEEP, DEEP POCKETS! ¬†

Mucho Dinero!

Somebody, somewhere is saying, “Hey…wait Gwin, doesn’t LOVE¬†make the world go ’round?”

Well in the words of my wise Aunt Bobbie Sue, “Love might make the world go ’round but money greases the wheel!”


So, to sum it up, I’d like to be able to have 10 tons of money and be able to appear anywhere-instantaneously ! ¬†By the way, I retain the right to be able to teleport anybody else along with me!

Yeah….that’s it!

I’m doing this my way!

Alright Gwin, how does that look?

It looks a little something like this:

I would visit family, friends and blogging buddies who live in different cities and we would:

  • Cook, talk, laugh and eat together
  • Go to¬†our favorite restaurants (Are you seeing a pattern here? LOL!)
  • Have cocktails! ¬†A must for me!¬†

Since Mr. Rogers is my spirit guide, I would offer comfort and support where there is illness, injury, hurt, suffering or loss.

I would continue my love of learning by:

  • Going to libraries at major Universities all over the¬†world
  • Attending events, lectures, talks, and conferences on the Arts and Sciences
  • Observing various artisans practice and hone their crafts (sculptors, luthiers/archetiers and other makers of beautiful musical instruments and wonderful¬†things). ¬†
  • Learning to prepare gourmet meals from world renowned chefs and food artisans! ¬†Food glorious food!¬†
  • Sitting with and listening to spiritual teachers and practitioners of¬†major world religions and magic ūüėČ
  • Seeking advice and guidance from my elders
  • Teaching those who are interested in learning anything that I already know. ¬†You can learn a great deal by teaching!
  • Going to museums worldwide
  • Talking to inventors, astronomers, nautical experts and keepers of information on space and time.

I would seek inspiration and delight by teleporting to 

  • Musical festivals, concerts, and shows all over the world
  • A Mountain in Northern California
  • A sunset sailboat ride on a lake in Canada
  • A winding road lined with brown, gold and auburn autumn leaves in¬†Vermont.
  • A crab festival¬†on the East Coast
  • The Mediterranean Sea
  • A hiking trail near an Alpine village
  • An¬†African Savanna
  • A South African beach
  • A picnic in New Orleans ¬†
  • A winery near The Eiffel Towel¬†
  • A biergarten in Germany during Oktoberfest¬†
  • A boat ride in the Carribbean
  • A Sunday dinner in Florence, Italy and shopping in Milan
  • High tea in an English home
  • A starry Spanish night
  • A soothing garden meditation
  • I could go on but I think I’d better quit now before I lose you!

Now that I think about it, maybe all I really need is some time, a whole bunch of money, friends on every continent, a chauffeur service and a freakin’ jet aeroplane!

By the way, thanks to blogging, I can happily report that I’ve met the aforementioned friendship goal ūüôā

I’m still working on the others! ¬†LOL!


Friends, why don’t you try this? ¬†Create a post that tells us about your dream powers!

Maybe you can make some of them come true!

What a fun challenge Lisa!