Last Night of Summer



Far be it from me to skip out and NOT post something to acknowledge my favorite season…



Those of you who followed this blog when it was an active thingy will remember that Autumn is my JAM!

And so…

I had to take time today to greet the Autumnal Equinox and all of my friends on WordPress!

I miss you all so much!

Here are a few pictures of how I spent the last evening of Summer (2018) with our dear Luna and friends!

As you know, Mother moon was doing her waxing gibbous thing.

No doubt, preparing for the upcoming equinox, and for all of her glory when she will show her full self as the harvest moon.

Uh huh….

And so….

At summer’s end, LadyG–lover of music, magick, and dance…





and flourished herself into a foolish frenzy!

Right there underneath the moonlight!

Poolside no less!

Baby, ALL OF THE elements were at play!

Perhaps the universe noticed my whimsy!


Maybe it will bring more things to dance about…

for ME…


for YOU!

I love you all!  Stop by and say hello in comments

Love and light!

LadyG 😘💋💋

Is that a blue orb?  Spooky!


Panther takes a dip!

Me-Sept 2018

I’m Digging this Kid!


If LadyG wanted to brag, she would say something like:



Since I am NOT a bragger, I shall resist the temptation…

But I will say this, if you are anywhere near my hometown of Augusta, GA tonight, you need to run down to the Imperial Theatre by 7pm to check them both out!

You will NOT be disappointed!


If you want to learn more about MY handsome, unique, intelligent and multi-talented God son click here

I’m so shameless!!! LOL!!!

I love you guys!

I missed you and I’ll be seeing you all soon!  As always, more love and light to you all!

LadyG 😘 💋 💋


I Sing and Dance!


My Son:  “Mom…please…please…please…you gotta stop…you’re embarrassing us!”

Me:  “I don’t care what these people think about me…I gotta get my happy however I can!”

I can’t tell you how many times my son and daughter have decidedly hidden from me in the midst of grocery shopping.

They simply CANNOT  with me and my impromptu performances!

That said, I must come clean and confess that I am that lady who dances and sings up and down every aisle at Publix…and sometimes Kroger.

Supermarket sound systems…I love ’em!

Yep! That was me you saw twirling past the tomatoes and rocking by the waffles.

And you know what?

I DON’T give a hoot!

I’m gonna sing and dance until I die!


You see, it all started long ago…

I always wanted to be a ballerina or perform modern dance.

Alas…there were no funds for such!

To put it bluntly, Mama and Daddy didn’t have the money for lessons.

Further, they lacked any appreciation for that realm of the arts.

And so…

I made believe and danced my little dance…

And I did it everywhere…

All the time!

Dancing and singing all the way through life.

Even into motherhood…much to the chagrin of my children!

Oh, but not to worry, they’ve grown accustomed.

They’ve learned to let me be.

Because if they try to shut me up I’ll only sing louder and dance harder!

And there…right there in the produce section… I find happiness with two of my favorite people!

🙂 🙂 🙂

I danced with both of my babies at home and all over the stores to this song!


Still dancing to this one!


I play this whenever I’m about to take a flight!  Go Rod!


For my son!  I wish him a safe flight into the sunset— headed to Seattle and Portland!

I love you man!  Have a blast! See ya when you get back home 💋


Love and light to you all!

Enjoy your week!



In Defense of…


The Department of Accountable Responsibility

March 9, 2017

Please read this letter very carefully. You are required by our laws to respond as advised.

Dear Lady G,

The time has come for you to complete and submit the following form for your annual Right to Remain Hearing.  As you know, every citizen of this land must undergo an annual evaluation to determine if he or she is fit to remain in our society.

Please complete this short questionnaire. Your responses will be used to help us make a preliminary determination regarding your continued eligibility for societal membership.

Circle all of the categories that apply to your current situation:

  • I am working at least 20 hours per week. (Complete and submit Form 405)
  • I own a business or a farm. (Complete and submit Form 406)
  • I am the primary care giver of a child under age 16. (Complete and submit Form 407)
  • I am the primary care giver of an individual with a chronic and/or debilitating condition. (Complete and submit Form 407-C)
  • I am currently attending college. (Complete and submit Form 408)
  • I am currently attending a technical school or career training program. (Complete and submit Form 408-T)
  • I receive recurring income from an inheritance or some other legal and verifiable source. (Complete and submit Form 409)
  • I am a volunteer at a non-profit organization for at least 20 hours per week. (Complete and submit Form 410)
  • I am an artist, musician, writer or entertainer. (Complete and submit Form 411)
  • I have a state approved patron who will sign Form 412 attesting that he or she will assume financial responsibility for my total care.
    • A “patron spouse” is not required to complete Form 412.

***Note:  Your patron must be willing to appear and testify at your Right to Remain Hearing. 

If you have been accused, arrested or convicted of a misdemeanor/felony since your last Right to Remain Hearing please complete and submit Form 187.

Remember, failure to legally maintain sustained housing, healthcare and other expenses required for your own personal care will result in an immediate and negative strike against your Right to Remain.

Important! If you belong to any of the populations listed below, you are NOT required to attend a Right to Remain Hearing.

  • Individuals under age 18, and who, upon reaching the land’s mandated age, are enrolled in a land certified school or an otherwise approved homeschooling program
  • Individuals over the age 65
  • Individuals who are deaf, mute, blind or in any way incapacitated
  • Individuals with a terminal illness or a chronic and/or debilitating condition
  • Active Duty Military and their immediate families
  • Military Veterans and their immediate families
  • Physicians, nurses, teachers, paramedics and members of any other ‘helping profession.’

Exempted populations must sign here and submit supporting documentation.  A list of acceptable supporting documents can be found on our website.

I attest that I belong to an exempted population:


Please mail this form along with Form 323 (Income and Expenses Statement) to your assigned Department of Accountable Responsibility regional office.

An agent will be contacting you in the near term to schedule your appointment for  a Right to Remain Hearing.

Warning!  Failure to submit this form with required documentation within 5 business days will result in your immediate arrest.

Have a wonderful day and I look forward to seeing you soon.


I.B. Wondering

Chief Inquisitor, 

Department of Accountable Responsibility

I’ve been imagining such a scenario and contemplating the outcome for quite some time so I decided to write this to see how it might look.

That said, how would you respond to this letter?  How would people you know and care about respond?

Based on what ‘appears’ to be the given criteria, do you know anybody who would be in danger of being ousted from such an imaginary society?  Just remember, for the most part, the ‘Department’ did not necessarily offer a clear indication as to what it deems valuable. 

It simply asks for ‘the facts.’

I’d love to chat with you about it….hit me up in comments

Food for thought 🙂

Lady G 😘💋

Happy Anniversary My Jams!

jams 76
Diva of Soul, the official “My Jams” mascot!


Message from Lady G

In the event that you were unable to listen to the audio, I’d like to encourage you to please select and share your favorite jam (song) from years 1966, 1976, 1986, and 1996 in the comment section.

Although the “My Jams” series was exclusively focused on Soul and R&B, I urge you to link jams from ANY genre!

***Be aware that certain “My Jams” posts contain adult language and situations.  Also, song dates may vary.  For example, I might have been jamming a song in 1986 that was actually released in 1984.

LOL!  I do that all of the time 🙂

Feel free to use songs from the posts below:

That’s My Jam (Introductory Post )

My Jams ’66-67

My Jams ’76

My Jams ’86

My Jams ’96

Meet me in comments!

Love and light to you all

Lady G 😘💋

For: Gloria, Sandra, Sir R and Lady J for believing that I could do THIS!  YAAASSSS!







Melodic Memories


I remember telling my cousin Ron about several memories that I had which seemed to lack any clear context–yet they continued to float around in my mind.

He chuckled and said, “I have those too, I call them ‘cryptic memories’.”

And so…

This post contains several ‘cryptic memories’ that may or may not have happened on the same day–though I presented them as if they did.

And, since I’m a music lover, each memory (event) is closely tied to a song from my early childhood years.

I hope you enjoy this quick exercise in dreamy quasi-stream of consciousness.

 🙂 🙂 🙂

Bus driver, please look for me

‘Cause I couldn’t bear to see what I might see

I’m really still in prison and my love, she holds the key

A simple yellow ribbon’s what I need to set me free

I wrote and told her please…

Tie a yellow ribbon ’round the old oak tree…”

 Tony Orlando and Dawn begin to fade as beautiful voices harmonize,


It’s 6:00am.

Mama comes in and wraps me in a blanket to keep me warm while we drive Daddy to work.

As we arrive at Nixon (Railroad) Yard, I can’t help noticing a shadowy locomotive sitting stern but proud in the distance.

His headlight shone straight and strong-never faltering…not even a flicker.

Daddy interrupts my gaze with, “See you later Doola Bug!”

He gives me a kiss, gets out of the car, and waves goodbye…

No need for sad farewells.

He’ll return tomorrow.

Mama takes the wheel and turns on the radio.

“Sun, sun, sun….Here it comes!”

“Sun, sun, sun….Here it comes!”

I love this song!

George makes me happy.

So does my pink jewelry box.


Because whenever I open it, a graceful ballerina offers an eternal pirouette to

“Somewhere my love there will be songs to sing…”

Her elegant dance is so joyful.

Later that day, Mama takes me to the store.

I glide down the toy aisle mouthing:

“Everything is beautiful…in it’s own way…”

Life is good!

Alas, the day has come to a close.

At home I settle back into bed.

Mama’s still up folding clothes.

Lawrence Welk’s soothing lullaby plays in the background.

Good night, sleep tight and pleasant dreams to you

Here’s a wish and a prayer that every dream comes true

And now ’til we meet again

Adios, au revoir, auf wiedersehen

Good Night!


Do you have any ‘cryptic memories’ to share?  I’d love to chat about them 🙂

Until then, have a magnificent week!

Love and light to you all!

Lady G 😘💋

Musical Affirmation: 11/10/2016



Whatcha See is Whatcha Get by The Dramatics (Released 1971)


From the My Jams Series:

Man oh man!  For me, this jam is right up there with “It’s A Shame” by The Spinners!

Here, we have a song that urges us to pay attention to the folks around us:

“You know some people are made of plastic, some people are made of wood…”

Baby those are real musicians and singers backing that sage advice!

Now, when you add all of that wonderfulness together, a masterstroke is whatcha get!

I’m getting chill bumps just thinking about all of the low, mid and high vocal ranges that are to be relished in this musical pièce de résistance!


Classic smooth soul at its best!

Flat out, what woman can resist a man with a beautiful falsetto singing, “All I want to do is love you…”


Uh oh!

Sorry y’all, I got carried away!


Friends, the world is filled with fake and phony people.

Sometimes they are obvious.

Sometimes they are not.

That said, you must always govern yourself accordingly when relating to others.

Frankly, it’s best to learn to develop an internal focus.

Get into you!

Because, in the end, you are the only person that you have control over.

And with that thought in mind, consider today’s affirmation:

“I am committed to staying true to myself.”

Ah… but I warn you, that’s going to take some doing!


Because a big part of the process is finding out what it means to be your true self.

And thus the journey begins!

Dramatics?  What say you?

Video Credit:  Jorge Hits Original

Any thoughts?  I’d love to hear them.  Holler at me in comments!

Much peace and light to you my loves!

Lady G 😘💋







Lady G Quickie: On the Move

Not the same girl


Get your mind outta the gutter!

As the name indicates, Lady G is always, first and foremost, a lady 😉

And so…

From time to time, I’d like to quickly share whatever I’m currently enjoying without going into full post mode.

You know how that is 😉

Anyway, for all of my neo-soul, acid jazz, soul throw-back fans, this is for you.

“We are on the move” by Zo! featuring Eric Robertson and Phonté.

I love this groove!

The video is reminiscent of The Whispers during their heyday with S.O.L.A.R. (Sound of Los Angeles Records).

Shout out to California natives, Dave and Tareau over at TheCouchSports blog for doing their podcasting thing on I-Tunes!


While I’m shouting out….

Big up to K. E. Garland and her new book “The Unhappy Wife.”

They are on the move!



Video Credit:  The Foreign Exchange

Eric Robertson doing that run and kick thing is killing me!


Holler back in comments 🙂

Enjoy your weekend my loves.

Lady G 😘💋

Brass Junkie!


Updated 4/13/2016 at 8:40am

So you might as well know up front that I am a sucker for wind instruments.  Give me a handful of high flying trumpets and a couple of cool trombones or saxophones and I am good.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my strings, percussion, and woodwinds. But there is something about a tight a$$ brass section that takes me everywhere I want to be.

I think that my love for horns stems from my childhood experiences at football games and parades.

When I was a kid I loved going to parades.  I remember standing along the street watching and listening to all of the participating high school bands. I would become so excited that my little heart would start keeping perfect time with the nearest bass drum.

At any rate, whenever my friends, family and I attended a parade, we would often play ‘Name that Tune.’  In essence, we’d say something like, “Listen y’all!  Laney playin’ “One Nation Under a Groove!” or “That’s Josey playin’ “Shake and Dance with Me!”

Naturally, we never referred to the schools by their proper names:  Lucy Craft Laney and T. W. Josey; respectively.  Frankly there was no need for such formality.  Back then, everybody knew that Laney and Josey were the two major players on the high school band scene.

Time for confession!  To be honest, I was torn about which band to root for because my neighbors, two handsome brothers, played bass and snare drums for Josey and another family friend played trumpet for Laney!

What to do?  What to do?  I guess my allegiance must remain in a perpetual state of limbo.

***Neither here nor there side note:  I went to a completely different high school.  Suffice it to say that our band was a nonfactor–But dammit that’s alright!  Go Musketeers! So there!

Anyway, I apologize for taking you guys the long way ‘round but reminiscing is fun!

Meanwhile…back at the parade:

As I said, it was exciting to watch the bands pass by but BABY all hell broke loose when they stopped!  Chile we went crazy when the band stopped!  Why?  Because when a band stops—It’s show time!  Honey those jokers would cut the fool!  They danced, shouted, blew, drummed, hooted, hollered and preened!!!  Everybody in the crowd LIVED for this!

I can’t count the number of near fatalities that almost occurred when the entire crowd ran from one area of the parade to another one simply because someone shouted, “Laney stopped!”  As I said, everybody knew that when Laney OR Josey stopped, it was ON!

Needless to say, you could hear them boys blowing all the way from Georgia to South Carolina!

And that, my friends, is the origin of my lifelong love of a bad horn section.

Ok, I’ll be the first to admit that all this was probably much more than you wanted to know 😉

And the point of this long story?

Well… a few weeks ago when I was prepping for “My Jams ’72,” I watched a video of Tower of Power as they performed “You’re Still A Young Man.”  Y’all let me tell you, those boys tore that thang up!  Now if you decide to seek out and watch the video, notice that the entire band drops down on one knee when the singer says, “Down on my knees.”  What?  Oh yeah, and after that, the brass section commenced to blow the audience’s hair back!


Baby after I saw that, I knew I had to address the brass!

To that end, I have created a partial list (See below) of groups that boast or boasted a badass brass section or at least a tight brass solo.  Please note, these are in no particular order.

Earth Wind and Fire:  “Get Away” and pretty much any damn thing else they did!

Con Funk Shun: “Shake and Dance With Me,”  “Chase me” and “Fun”

Average White Band: “A Love of Your Own” (Sax solo)

Chicago:  “Beginnings” and “25 or 6 to 4”

The Ohio Players:  “O-H-I-O” and “Who’d She Coo?”

Blood, Sweat and Tears:  Hell you pick one! I’ll just use “Spinning Wheel” as a mighty fine placeholder!

Mass Production: “Firecracker”

Brass Construction: “Moving”

Rose Royce: “I’m Going Down”

SOS:  “Take Your Time”

Cameo -Until 1980: “Shake Your Pants,” “Rigor Mortis,” “Cameosis”

Brick:  “Ain’t Gon’ Hurt Nobody”

Note:  Brick’s trombone is da bomb—Jimmy Brown ain’t no joke; he usually played all of the brass and woodwinds that you hear in Brick songs!  Folks say he’s singer Sleepy Brown’s dad. You ain’t ready for them Jawja (Georgia) boys!

James Brown:  “Make it Funky”

Slave:  “Slide”

The Bar Kays:  “Anticipation” (Sax solo)

KC and the Sunshine Band:  “Get Down Tonight”

Note:  Laugh if you want to but go back and look at them on video; peep that horn section!  Yessuh!

By the way, there is a video of the brass sections from Chicago and EW&F grooving live to “Beginnings.”  It is NOT for the faint of heart!  If you think you’re bad, go check it out!

Okay, y’all, I can’t remember every great brass song or section (Herb Alpert/Tijuana Brass came to mind just then) so I am throwing the ball to you.

Tell me about your favorite brass section.
















My Jams: ’69

1969 jams
Diva of Soul toasts  1969

“Come here quick and look at this little boy singing!”

That’s exactly what my mother said to my father in the year of our Lord 1969 as she watched a 10 year old boy with his brothers singing up a storm on TV!  Surely you’ve already guessed who she was talking about right?

And with that…

Welcome to 1969 baby! The year that man first stepped foot on the moon, or so they say!  Truth be told, the old folks around these parts still have their doubts 😉

In the music world, the year 1969 brought us the 10 year old that I just mentioned; Michael Jackson.  He and his brothers were the cutest party of five to ever hit a stage.

Even today, most folks will agree that it’s nearly impossible to fathom all of the ways in which MJ influenced music, dance, style and entertainment.  And to think, his mother and my folks came from the same little patch of southern woods.

At any rate, here are my jams for the year that closed out the 1960’s!

I Want You Back by The Jackson 5

I don’t give a damn where I was or what I was doing, when I heard the intro to this song I started screaming!  God help you if you were anywhere in the vicinity.  Eyewitnesses will tell you that I repeated my version of the Michael Jackson spin until the song ended.

Believe it or not, all these years later, I still respond just about the same way. Only now, I spin three fourths the way ‘round—one time.

Someday We’ll Be Together by Diana Ross and The Supremes

Yeah, by now Ms. Diana had acquired top billing!

Based on personal experience, I’ve noticed that a lot of people don’t remember this song.  For me, it is very special because my mom, who passed away a few years back, used to sing it when I was little.

My loves, it is very difficult for me to listen to this one now so I simply opt to admire it from afar.

My Cherie Amour by Stevie Wonder


Honestly, I think that every girl has dreamed of being the topic of this song.

Incidentally, from what I understand, Stevie’s mother was also from the same place that MJ’s mom and my folks are from.  I know, right?

Hot Fun In The Summertime by Sly and The Family Stone

This song is one of my favorites of all time!  The piano intro is so haunting; it hits me smack dab in the middle of my brain’s wistful zone; but strangely enough, I love that!

I live for the way Sly likens summer days to a magical lady that appears at the “end of the spring” and goes away before the “first of the fall.”  What a powerful metaphor!  When I listen to this song, I imagine ‘her’ twirling in and out of my life, bringing and taking happy summertime memories with her.

“…and everythang is cool!!!”

Baby, I’m For Real by The Originals

 If you want to write a love song, use this one as your template.

Okay, true story, when I was taking Taekwondo, I met a girl whose father was a member of The Originals.  She confided that she never really mentioned it because most people were unfamiliar with the group.  Well, needless to say, I was NOT unfamiliar so I must have asked her a thousand questions about her dad’s experiences.  During our conversation, I shared that ‘Baby, I’m For Real’ is one of my favorite songs.  She laughed and said, “I think dad was the one who sang the part ‘I see the little tears in your eyes about to fall, you are wondering if I’m for real….” To that, I screamed with delight!  What are the chances?

Anyway, nowadays I can’t help thinking of her whenever I hear that song.

What Does It Take by Junior Walker and The All Stars

 There is no way that you can listen to the sax in this song and sit still.  If you have any amount of soul in your body, you will at least sway! “I’m gonna blow again for you!”

Baby Baby Don’t Cry by Smokey Robinson and The Miracles

Ladies you know how it is when your man done messed up and you got somebody else in your ear talking all sweet.  Nobody does the ‘sweet talk’ thing better than Smokey! His soft angelic voice can atone for any man’s prior relationship devilment.  Believe it or not, devilment is a ‘real’ word that means exactly what it sounds like it might mean.

Hey fellas, when your lady cries and it’s your fault, you might need to heed the words of this jam.  The last thing you need is a dude like Smokey sweet talking your baby.

It’s Your Thing by The Isley Brothers

 This jam is so funky that even old folks were singing it!  Most of ‘em probably didn’t realize that it advocates free love!  Ha Ha!  It’s hilarious to me that really good music can make you sing lyrics that are diametrically opposed to everything that you believe you stand for.  Truly, I say to you, the funk here cannot be denied.

Now if you think this jam was tight, wait until I post “My Jams: ’73.” That’s when we start studying math and how them three younger boys added themselves to the original Isley brothers!  I’m talking about Ernie, Marvin and Chris y’all!

3+3…’nuff said!

Well folks, I really hate to say goodbye to 1969 because it was a very special year for me!  I’ve told you my favorites from the last year of the stormy sixties.  What are your ’69 favs?

****Coming up Next Thursday:  My Jams: ’70