A Family Conversation: What’s In A Name?

“A Family Conversation” is a storytelling audio series that features weekly discussions between blogging cousins LadyG and Ron Brown on current events along with favorite posts from each other’s blog.

In today’s audio, the cousins are talking about “The Godfather of Soul,” Little LadyG–the 3-year-old militant, 😂 Don Cheadle and Taraji P. Henson.

We’re also talking about names:

  • Nuances in our dialect and how some names were never meant to be written down
  • Spell it!
  • Nicknames vs. Government Names
  • Names with punctuation marks
  • Names that sound Greco-Roman and other creative name combinations
  • Our eldest sons didn’t escape the “name game”
  • Your Mother’s, Mother’s maiden name
    • NOTE: There’s an old saying in Georgia: In Atlanta, folks ask, “What’s your line of business?” In Macon, folks ask, “What church do you attend?” In Augusta, folks ask, “What’s your mother’s, mother’s name?” In Savannah, they wanna know what you drinkin’😂

Look out for the next episode:

A Family Conversation: Do Your Dance! on Friday, March 19, 2021.

Seek Understanding: What’s In a Name?





I started this blog in January of 2016.

It was, and still is, my intention and plan to create a space where people of all shapes, sizes, colors and such could come to find posts to edify, educate and motivate mind, body and spirit.

Naturally, it would be a reciprocal type of situation.


As I was thinking of names for the blog, I decided that I wanted to choose a moniker that expressed my desire to seek and find the best things in life–expressed via my own original creations or by presenting the works and/or findings of other talented writers, thinkers, bloggers, poets, educators, elders and storytellers.

However, when I searched the terms “seek” and “best” for the creation of my blog name, the only sensible title that was available, at the time, was “seekthebestblog.com.”

So I snatched it!

Ah…but then I later realized that this title could be misconstrued to mean something like…

Hey YOU!

Now that you have found my blog, you may now dispense with your tireless pursuit of creating or following other blogs because I got the BEST one right HERE BABY! SERIOUSLY, LOOK NO FURTHER!






Oh well, the damage had been done so I had to run with it!

I simply hoped that people would understand the intent behind the blog’s title once they read the tagline:

“Seeker of the best that life has to offer!”

My God…I can only pray!


That said, join me as I continue to seek the BEST!

Lady G loves YOU!