The Flowering Vine: She Needed Me…

Here’s a reading of a piece that I wrote for the “Flowering Vine” series. It is about “love.”



She wanted him

BUT he wanted me

So she


And she seethed

She wanted him

BUT he wanted me

So she


And she stalked

She wanted him

BUT he wanted me

So she


And she steamed

She wanted him

So she needed me

to be




And sliced



And placed…

out of sight.

For Aunt Elvy’s daughter, Alberta, (Mother’s dear first cousin and friend), reportedly murdered by a jealous rival.

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Have Lady G Read YOUR Love Poem!


Most of you guys know me by way of ALL OF the words that I string together on this blog.

However, I have often been told that I have a very nice speaking voice.

In fact, my blogging wonder twin, T Wayne, at A Joyful Process once described my voice as dulcet toned.


I’ve also gotten similar comments about my voice from my “sisters” Michelle at Me, Intimately worded and Dr. K.E. Garland at Kwoted.

Don’t believe me?

Click to play and listen for yourself:



Dulcet tones?


Boy have I got them fooled 🙂


If you enjoy writing poetry, why not collaborate with me to celebrate the 2019 Valentine’s season by submitting one of your poems for me to read, record and post right here!

To make it happen, simply e-mail your name, poem and blog information to me at by January 30, 2019 5:00pm EST.

Of course, I reserve the editorial right to decline poems that are not aligned with the flow of this blog….which actually gives most sane folks a whole lot of leeway!

So basically, as long as it is not violent, crazy or just plain jibberish..YOU’RE IN!


At any rate, please rest assured that if your poem is selected, it will be properly credited and I will most definitely direct readers back to you!

In return, I ask that you link your readers to this blog so that they can hear your masterpiece come to life!

To keep track, we’ll use the tag “ladygvoice”

Love and light,

LadyG 😘💋💋




Sugar Fascination

In the spirit of St. Valentine’s Day, I have decided to select and recite some romantic pieces from a few of my favorite poets on WordPress.

Today, I give you:

Sugar Fascination…
A piece written by a charming and brilliant poet, Braedenmichaels. He’s one bad dude with paper and pen! YAAASSS!

Recitation by Lady G.

Storm of Ink

I’ve undressed your kindness

and taste the sweet tea

I’ve undressed your words

and swallow your charm

I’ve undressed your candor

and step into your confidence

I’ve undressed your intellect

and fell in love with your wit

I’ve undressed your beliefs

and sleep with your poetry

I’ve undressed your receptiveness

and dance with your fire

I’ve undressed your sharpness

and licked your bitterness

I’ve undressed your magnetism

and latch on to your spell

I’ve undressed your enchanted eyes

and grip your mysterious soul

I’ve undressed your broken star

and see a magnificent galaxy

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Ron’s Time Tunnel: God’s Lullaby


Down on South Street; my brother, my sister, and I, lived our early lives in a kind of “bicameral” existence; splitting our time between our house and Gramp’s house. These houses were next door to each other; separated by a distance of only about 30 to 40 feet. Some days, we’d wake up in one house and eat breakfast in the other, or get partially dressed in one and finish dressing in the other. One house had a washing machine and the other had a dryer. At times they were even physically connected; joined by an umbilical cord of rubber and wire which fed electrical life from one to the other. It was a perfectly symbiotic existence; the life lived between these two homes.

However, there was one thing that both homes possessed in equal proportions. They both possessed twin tin roofs which when rained upon, created a rhythmic spell of somnolence that rivaled the one cast upon old Rip Van Winkle himself.

In this brief interlude between the “tales of the Comet,” I introduce to you:


Has God ever played you a lullaby?

Well if you grew up sleeping under a tin roof like I.

Every time it rained, God played a lullaby;

A quiet, gentle song to drown out our worries;

To smooth out all of the wrinkles and furrows

That have etched themselves into our faces and lives.

It’s a soothing refrain that quiets, in our minds, the troubled cries;

A hush-a-bye with the diacopic lyrics of the rain as it dives;

Meeting the tin; a chorus of drips that gently slide

To the ground below. Such is God’s Lullaby.

To some, the rain can be a bane,

That brings memories to lovers

Of loves lost and to others,

It heralds the harbinger of pain.

But these, perhaps have never heard the rain,

That drums hypnotic rhythms into slumbering brains.

One such star-crossed lover sang a song which decrees;

“I can’t stand the rain against my window; bringing back sweet memories.”

It seems that in the song that she’d lost her beau.

And the only sound in the world that she could not swallow

Was the sound of the rain against her window.

Even the lullabies of an oldie like “Rock-a-bye-Baby”

Fall far short of the Master’s melody.

Why, even the old sandman has no such magic that matches

The magic that the Master’s lullaby masters.

In fact, the tale of the poor baby in the “treetop”

Has planted the seeds of nightmares into many a tot.

The poor little child; all alone up in the tree’s frightening height;

In a cradle held precariously high by one limb so slight.

The tree swaying back and forth in the gale

Does horrify rather than tranquilly quell.

CRACK! The limb breaks and the poor child, cradle and all

Comes tumbling, crashing down through the limbs of the tree they both fall;

Smashing into the ground below. What self-respecting child or adult even,

Could sleep with that vision dancing horrifically in dreams?

Not I! Give me the rain on a tin roof; the old tried and proven.

Give me the rain; a lullaby from Heaven.

-Ronald W. Brown (2014)

©Ronald W. Brown, (2014-2016).  All Rights Reserved.