Love Poems Read By Lady G: Take A Look At Yourself

Love is complicated! Check out this raw and vulnerable piece written by my dear Musical Twin, T. Wayne at ajoyfulprocess

A Joyful Process

Another poem. I hope you like it. Just some things I had been thinking about and decided to put them down.

Before you unleash

Your threats and invectives

Your taunts and snide remarks

Your insults and character slices

Before you point

At my failings and deficiencies

At my values and opinions

At my idiosyncrasies and habits

Before you rail

About my choices and comments

About my abilities or lack thereof

About my current situation or anything about me—

Turn around.

Take a look in the mirror.

Search your mind, soul and psyche.

Focus on your own imperfections, cracks and vulnerabilities.

My faults, shortcomings and flaws belong to me.

They are for me to work on, not for you to criticize.

Far too much time is spent tearing people down.

For once, lift them up.

Written about a recent situation I have had to deal with…

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Love Poems Read By Lady G: Present Distance


Please enjoy this “fearlessly authentic” piece written by one of my dear sisters, Michelle.

 Present Distance

I have learned not to tell him my frustrations with loneliness

I am learning to keep singed pieces of my heart unheard

I am learning to miss him while letting parts of me leave

My pain is not due to him not being here, being present

My pain intensifies in waves of want…of what has not happened

What if I am not able to love him—here; In this space?

What if I am not able to love him in these orchestrated phases of time

Brown skin to Brown Skin, lips curving to meet,

Tongues enveloping touch, taste, texture and sound….

There is no meeting of the minds —He has yet to hear my heart

I’ve longed for the moments he is totally mine and

Yet yearn for the time our hearts will meet….

Presently Distanced

Written by: A. Michelle Tillman

IG: @michelle_intimatelyworded


Twitter: @IntimatelyWrded