Defund the Police?

“Caller, you say what?”

Years ago, Oprah Winfrey used to take calls from the public on her national show.

Whenever she wanted to get a handle on what the outside audience thought about a topic, she would simply inquire, “Caller, you say what?”

To which a caller would respond with his or her take on the topic at hand.


The topic today is “police reform.”

In listening to folks talk about police reform, you might have heard about a concept called “defunding” police.

Now comes the confusion.

Defunding the police is NOT about completely taking away police funding, thereby rendering them powerless to help a vulnerable population.

That’s a scary ass thought; hell my brother is in law enforcement and so was my Dad, so I definitely know and appreciate their value.


Actually, “defunding” police is much better than it sounds.

In my opinion, the terminology is a bit of a misnomer.

And so…

In this video, I cull together information that should detail and explain the true meaning of the concept and how defunding can help reduce police workload by reassigning non-police duties and re-allocating commensurate funds to professionals who are much more qualified to handle certain services.

Seriously, have we been asking police officers to do too much?

Take a look and tell me what you think down in comments:

Run time: Less than 5 mins



Maya Wiley Explains What It Means To ‘Defund The Police’ | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Fortune Magazine:

This is what people mean when they say they want to defund the police.

That’s What I’m Talking About!



One of the goals of my blog is to share stories, ideas, information and concepts that I hope will edify my readers.  Bearing this in mind, I decided to share a story that I read on about a police officer who engaged in a bit of goodwill by shooting hoops with some young men.  Believe it or not, the officer was present because someone had reported these kids for playing a noisy game of “street” basketball.

Say what?
Yeah, you read it right!
Anyway, the unexpected response from the officer, which was captured on this video, went viral.
Now, if you have any knowledge of law enforcement, you already know that this so called “basketball cop” was engaging in a bit of “community policing.”  If you are new to the concept, think of it this way, to get respect, you need to give respect.  Cops who practice this style of policing invest in the community by taking time to get to know the people that they are sworn to serve.
In essence, mutual respect between the officer and the community makes for a safer environment for all!
Listen, I have no misgivings about the dangers that law enforcement officers face.  I say this with confidence because both my father and my brother have worked in this capacity. Trust me when I tell you, it is no fun worrying that something tragic might happen to your loved one while he or she attempts to “protect and serve.”  By the same token, I am also acutely aware of the dangers that many individuals face when they are approached by a hot headed law enforcement officer.
Y’all, all I’m saying is that  law enforcement agencies would do well to drop adversarial approaches and pick up “community policing” techniques.
I think that this video helps to prove that point 🙂