Halloween Edition of A Family Conversation: Everyday People Engage in Folk Magick All The Time & “The Client” (Part II)

A Family Conversation, an ongoing conversation between blogging cousins, Ron Brown and Lady G, is celebrating the time of year when the veil between the physical and spiritual worlds becomes paper thin.


More magick and mystery with the cousins!

With prompting from “The Client,” today we’re talking about:

  • The risks involved in seeking spiritual/ magickal guidance
  • Everyday people blending magick with religious and spiritual practices
  • “Shut your mouth powder” on the shelf in the back
  • Whether or not governments practice magick
  • Whether or not you have to believe in a spell to be affected by it
  • Psychosomatic or psychogenic or NEITHER
  • A warning to men about eating spaghetti sauce, chili and gumbo made by women they are casually dating
  • The mind as a powerful thing!
  • Thinner by Stephen King
  • Taking a measured approach to magick
  • Staying out of other folks business
  • Things worse than death