The Best Breakfast!



When I was a kid, the best breakfast was cooked and served by my Aunt Nell!

International House of Pancakes didn’t have ANYTHING on her!

She cooked those grits to perfection…

Her country ham and biscuits were unsurpassed…

And the fact that she let us kids drink Pepsi with our meal was freaking ingenious!

Clearly, she was a woman ahead of her time!

But, the thing that I remember most of all about breakfast with my Aunt Nell was her unrivaled ability to spin a good yarn!

I’m talking about good ole Southern Mama storytelling!

Baby, “captivating” ain’t the word for it!

From the moment Aunt Nell began to tell a tale, everybody in the room was completely mezmerized!

She’d intonate…

She’d gesticulate…

She’d immediately grab your attention and hold you in complete suspense!

A masterful comedienne, Aunt Nell’s timing was IMPECCABLE!

By the end of each story, EVERYBODY would be in tears laughing as she calmly sashayed away to tend to her dishes….completely unbothered!

In essence, she ALWAYS dropped the mic…


And, as you might have guessed, I wanted to be just like her!

And so…

A lot of the sass that you “hear” from LadyG can be directly linked to my Aunt Nell.

And, as I sit here, approaching my 50th birthday, I can’t help remembering her and everyone else who poured so much into my life; especially her husband, my Uncle Leroy!

I’ve mentioned him a few times before.

At any rate, one thing’s for sure, I’ll always think fondly of Aunt Nell, and will, no doubt, burst into ugly laughter whenever I do!

In this way, she’s just as much alive today as she was in that Alabama kitchen from 1975.

Trust me, she’s here–between every line.

RIP Aunt Nell.

Love and light LadyG







***For all of those who are grieving the loss of a loved one.

Today, I learned that my friend Paula’s mother passed away a couple of days ago.

If you haven’t already please take a moment to click on this link to show your support for her at this difficult time. After you click on the link, look for a post entitled “Grief.” In that post, Paula shared about her mother’s love of music. She also shared a video of one of her mother’s favorite songs.

Naturally, after reading the post, I offered my condolences and shared that my mother, who is deceased, was also a huge music fan.  I told her that I can vividly remember Mama playing records and singing when I was just a toddler.

At first, Mama sang to me.

Then I found my own voice and began singing back to her.

One of the first songs that we sang together was “Someday We’ll Be Together” by Diana Ross and the Supremes.

I haven’t played that song since she passed away because I knew it would be way too painful if I ever did.

But tonight, in order to show solidarity for my friend in her loss, I will listen to it for the first time since Mama died.

So, for all of you who are missing someone who has made their transition.  Please find solace in knowing that we will all be together again–someday.


For Paula and all of those who are grieving.


Lady G


Musician Gone Home


Good night dear friend.


We’ll miss your beautiful smile.

Your kind and encouraging words.

And above all…

Your love of MUSIC!


Indeed, God called you home with a masterful melody.

Here’s to a life well lived!

For you Mr. E.








May you rest in peace 🌷