Rambling Musical Commentary: I’m As Real As Real Can Get!

Join Lady G as she shares her favorite jams from 1971.

Tune in to find out which one is the “BIG JOKER!”


**Featuring the original version of K-Jee


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Rambling Musical Commentary: She Didn’t Bat an Eye!

Love is complicated as HELL! Today, Lady G discusses her favorite soul jams from 1968.

My Jams 68

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Rambling Musical Commentary: Flat Feet on da Ground!

I bought you a “brand new Mustang” and now you wanna play me?

I don’t think so!

LadyG talks about jams from 1966-1967.

Some Adult Language

My Jams 1966-67


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Musical Affirmation: 10/27/2016


Alternate title:  Lady G, The Golf Pro and Barry White

“I’ve Got So Much To Give” by Barry White (1973)

If you like your symphonic soul dripping with sexual chocolate this one’s for you!

The Late Great Barry White!

All of that unmistakable BARITONE with strings, horns, and every instrument in between.

That’s my kinda heaven 🙂

Ain’t that right Ms. Eve?


There was no one like him before and none since!

Bow down!

And so…

Today’s message:

As a kid, I would often tag along with my Daddy when he went to play golf.

You see, I was born and raised in Augusta, GA.

Home of The Masters Tournament!

And, believe it or not, just about everybody in Augusta played/plays golf.

Baby, when I say everybody, I mean EVERYBODY!

There was no accounting for socioeconomic class when it came to the game of golf 😉


If you didn’t have a lot of money, you played at a public course.

If you did have some money, you played at a private course.

One thing you didn’t do was play at The Augusta National.

Unless your name was Robert Trent Jones, Sr aka Bobby Jones


John D. Rockefeller, III


You were some other kind of magical sorta somebody like my Dad 😉

Yes, you read that right.

My Daddy played The Augusta National!

How’s that?

You see, years ago, The Augusta National employed their own golf caddies.

Interestingly enough, many of them were Black-maybe all of them were.

I don’t know.

Anyway, one of my Daddy’s friends was a caddy.

Well, back in those days, The Augusta National would host a caddy appreciation day.

On that day, the caddies could bring a guest to play a round of golf with them on the course.

And, as you might have figured, Daddy’s friend invited him.


You never know who can make something magical and amazing happen in your life!

Expect the unexpected 🙂

Sorry for that major digression!

Back to my story.

One day, when I was about 11 years old, Daddy and I went to the golf course (NOT The Augusta National).

I really can’t be sure why, but, for whatever reason, I decided to stay at the clubhouse with the Golf Pro whom everybody called…

Wait for it…


Anyway, Pro was a short, ruddy complected red-headed White dude who loved nothing more than a good laugh 🙂

And, since I loved to laugh too we would often joke around together.

I guess he thought I was a funny kid 🙂

At any rate, after a whole lot of guffawing and tomfoolery, Pro and I decided that since it was Saturday afternoon, we should go in the Pro shop, turn on the TV and watch, of all things, “Soul Train.”



I can vividly remember hearing Pro say, “I betcha didn’t know I liked Soul Train!”


Now, to be very honest, the visual and audio dissonance between this man’s appearance and the “Soul Train” theme song almost caused my little mind to implode!

No matter…

There we were, me, Pro, Don Cornelius and all of the “Soul Train” dancers.

On”the hippest trip in America!”

And the ride was fabulous!


Don Cornelius introduced the next guest!


Uh oh!

After seeing Barry White and listening to the opening notes of his song, Pro immediately rose from his chair and changed the station.

He then looked at me and said, “I like soul but that’s too much soul for me.”

And, with that, we both started laughing like hell!

In the end, we settled on a rerun of “Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom!”

Good ole Marlin Perkins.

And so…

What is the point of this horridly long story?

Here’s the point:

Although Pro was open-minded, he had his limits!  Poor guy, he never took the time to learn that Barry White was a musical genius who conducted his own Orchestra!

Love Unlimited Baby!

Pro, didn’t know what he didn’t know.

He missed an opportunity to take off the limits and further broaden his experience 🙂

And now…

Today’s Affirmation:  I am open to new and exciting experiences.


Let’s go forth into new and exciting experiences!

We can:

Try a new cuisine!

Listen to some new music!

Read or learn something that is completely foreign to us.

Meet some new people; preferably some folks who have a background that is very different from ours.

Take a different route home.

Go some damn where else.

Now I’m going with Barry.

How ’bout you?

Get into it!

Love and light my friends 🙂

Lady G


My Jams: 1970


1970 my jams pic
Diva of Soul welcomes the  1970’s

“Sun, sun, sun…here it comes!”–The Beatles 1969

Friends, even though the “My Jams” series is based on soul music, I couldn’t leave 1969 without acknowledging my favorite Beatle, the quiet one, George.


Welcome to 1970 my dear hearts!  What say you?  Are you ready to embark on a new thing? I mean, have you had enough war, anger and violence? I know I have! In fact, I’m packing all that mess up and putting it away so that I can get ready for love!

Now some might say that I probably should have healed “that mess” before I put it away but NOT TODAY!

Anyway, moving on, if love is your thing too, then the 1970’s will not disappoint.  Baby, in 1970, folks talked about love lost, love gained and anything else that you can imagine on the topic.  Wherever your relationship fell on the aforementioned ‘love spectrum,’ 1970 had a song just for you!

To prove my point, I submit:

My Jams:   1970

“Band of Gold” by Freda Payne

Ms. Freda is giving you the ‘real’ on this one.  Here she ‘channels’ a woman who poured her heart into a marriage but, alas, her dear hubby simply could NOT return the favor.

How many people (women and men) can relate to this feeling?  Darlings, these hurts happen- but farther up the road happiness awaits.

“Signed Sealed Delivered” by Stevie Wonder

 “Like a fool I went and stayed too long…”

Here we go again!  Another one of those love games!  Friends, we discussed this in “My Jams 1968.”  It appears that Stevie didn’t listen to Tyrone Davis (“Can I Change My Mind”).

Ok, let me explain this one more time.  If you leave, stay gone!  Personally, I simply cannot do that back and forth thing.

“Love or Let Me Be Lonely” by The Friends of Distinction”

I really love this song!  Whenever I listen to it, I can’t help trying to sing it’s tongue twister lyrics “I can live without love if I wanted to” …. And so on and so forth!  But more than that, I live for the part at the end where they groove in harmony “Love or let me be lonely…looooove or let me be lonely…”   I used to repeat that part and rock out!

“It’s A Shame” by The Spinners

Now this is one of my top 10 favorites in life!  Do you feel me?  Can you hear that freaking rhythm guitar with that bass just weaving all up and through?  Geez, I just can’t!

Ok, I can! 😉

This one doesn’t really sound like the Spinners. Well that’s because G. C. Cameron is leading.  To say that this dude was blessed with a serious vocal range is an understatement.

Unfortunately, Mr. Cameron and the Spinners ended up parting ways.  After that, it usually took two Spinners to match one G. C. Cameron when singing this song.  Basically, one of them stayed in the low to middle range and the other did the tweeting—that means singing falsetto y’all!

Anyway, Mr. Stevie Wonder co-wrote this jam.

“Owwww…got to, got to be a shame!”

“Precious, Precious” by Jackie Moore

This is a gorgeous song.  It reminds me of “Trapped By This Thing Called Love” by Denise LaSalle- no worries; we’ll get to that diva in the next year or so.

“Precious, Precious” tells the tale of a woman who fell too hard for the wrong joker.  Regardless, the groove here makes you forget all about that part!

“More Than I Can Stand” by Bobby Womack

Here’s another one of my all-time favorites.  You might say that Bobby Womack very heavily contributed to the soundtrack of my life.  I am sure that a lot of Baby Boomers and Gen X’ers can attest to that.

If you ever get a chance, ask my brother Tack about a natural tail whipping that he got about a Bobby Womack eight track.  Yeah, that little bubble headed terror sat in the middle of the floor and pulled every inch of tape out of mama’s cassette.  By the time she caught him, he was sitting in a heaping pile of brown plastic.

There was no recovering from that!

***Bonus:  “Big Leg Woman With A Short Short Mini Skirt” by Israel Tolbert

I don’t even know this song but I like it because I am known for my big legs!  LOL!  Morris Day and the Time wrote the song “Fishnet” about me! Ok , no, they really didn’t but I like to imagine that they did 😉

Well that’s enough of my foolishness!

And so, the time has come for me to say farewell to 1970.  As always, this list is not all inclusive.

Holler at me!  Tell me your jams from 1970.


Next Thursday:  “My Jams:  1971”



















That’s My Jam!

Gwin v.2-post of 1981
Me at that awkward age in 1981

This morning, while taking my daughter to school, I got shook!  I mean completely knocked the hell over!  I was utterly caught off-guard!  Do you want to know what did it?  A song!  Yes my loves, I was knocked off my ass by a song.

Here’s the interesting part, the song that initiated all of this madness was not well known by the masses.  However, it held special significance for me because I listened to it over and over during my pre-teen years. I guess I was pining away over a fictitious relationship that I ‘had’ with this dude down the street.  Anyway, when I heard the song today, I was immediately bum-rushed by every single image that I had ever seen or imagined from the year 1981.

Now that I have sufficiently tortured you with preliminaries, I guess I should name that tune!  Are you ready?  It was “Who’s Been Kissing You?” by: Hot Cuisine.  Yeah…you probably don’t know it right off hand.  However, you can go to You-tube and check it out, here’s the link.

Whoa! I think I hear the distant chattering of ‘old head’ music buffs questioning my song knowledge.  Well let me explain…

You see, I was lucky enough to have been born into a magical time and place.  In this place, there reigned a powerful Godfather, not the Italian mobster; I am talking about Soul Brother Number One! Anyway, our Godfather infused the city’s airwaves with esoteric knowledge on ‘the good foot’ and ‘the one.’

Here’s a quick primer: ‘The good foot’ refers to the dance and the ‘the one’ refers to the beat. Now, if you require more information on either of these concepts you might want to consult with world renowned Funk Bassist Bootsy Collins.

Anyhow, as a natural born student of soul music, I would spend any given day in 1981 taping songs.  You see, back in those days, we didn’t buy songs; we taped them as they were being played on the radio.  In order to do this, you had to place a cassette tape into a tape recorder, press play/record, and sit it right next to the radio.  Some might call that piracy; I choose to call it creativity.

At any rate, I would sit for hours waiting for the DJ to play my favorite songs so that I could include them on my tape.  Most times this strategy worked pretty well.  Then other times, not so much!  I remember getting pissed when the DJ played my jam just as I was going to the bathroom or just as I was coming back from making a peanut butter sandwich.  In cases like these, I either stopped in my tracks in order to try to record as much of the song as I could or I had to wait until the joker played it again.  Damn!  Kids today don’t know anything about that!

Now on days when I was particularly bored or had a bunch of cassettes, I would simply record everything that the DJ played-at least until I ran out of tapes.

Suffice it to say, I had collected a massive hodge-podge of songs from 1981 (and years prior).  Some songs were popular and some were not.  But once I had captured them onto my cassettes I learned them all!  Hence, the reason that I know songs like “Gigolette” by Ozone-featuring Teena Marie or the song that tipped me over this morning!  I hope you’re smiling!

What’s the point of all of this?  Hell I don’t know!  Just kidding! No, here’s the point, I have decided to post some of my favorite songs from the past along with a little commentary every Thursday.  I would love to hear your feedback on my selections as well as your suggestions of other songs from that week’s time period. Just so you know, you can shoot me an e-mail at msfleurs87@gmail.com to discuss!

In the meantime, if you think you know a little sumthin’ about old school soul, funk and R&B GET AT ME!