Halloween Edition of A Family Conversation: Death, The Afterlife, The Spirit World & “The Client”(Part III)

A Family Conversation, an ongoing conversation between blogging cousins, Ron Brown and Lady G, is celebrating the time of year when the veil between the physical and spiritual worlds becomes paper thin.


The cousins continue their supernatural conversation with real ghost stories prompted by LadyG’s post “The Client.”

Although you can easily follow along with each of these posts independently, it would be better to check out parts I & II of this series beforehand.

In today’s audio, we offer our pontifications on all things ghostly and mysterious–including:

  • Is death to be feared or welcomed?
  • Deathbed vision or dopamine?
  • Ghosts aren’t like Casper—they’re more realistic
  • Being clairsentient and feeling the spirits
  • Witches or devils riding people in their sleep? Sleep paralysis?—-Or something else?
  • Heaven, hell or purgatory? Why do ghosts hang around?
  • Where’s our consciousness located? Is it local to the body?
    • NOTE: LadyG mistakenly used the word “marionette” when she really meant to refer to the person who manipulates the strings of a marionette. 🤪
  • Old Grandmas from the South can scare the shit out of you!
  • Reanimated corpses are one of LadyG’s greatest fears
  • Monkey’s Paw
  • Mr. Garrity and the Graves