For today’s contribution, I offer a poetic interlude, in recognition of Mother’s Day. Join us next week for more tales from the Comet.


A poem by Ron Brown

No poet nor prophet nor wise man yet;

can tell you straight-faced, that his mother is a Jet.

But, lucky me, I get to proudly state at the outset

that I bet a mint that my lovely mother is indeed, a Jet.


Her beauty is admirable even before she takes flight;

as she sits there basking in the glow of the moonlight.

And in the daytime’s bright sunlight she shines so bright.

You might have to cover your eyes to protect your eyesight.


Yeah I’m willing to bet that no prophet, wise man yet

can tell you straight-faced that his mother is a Jet,

But, that five member set that she begat won’t ever forget.

They stand up proudly and trumpet it, “Our mother, indeed, is a Jet!”


But hold on. You haven’t seen the most awesome sight.

She is downright, out of sight when she does take flight.

She soars high as if feather-light and flying high was her birthright;

Flying all day and soaring all night; then returning to earth to gently alight.


Some might not get this analogy of my mother as a Jet.

Her Mother named her Geraldine and Jet is her sobriquet.

So this quintet and their subset say with all honor and respect;

Our Mother; our Grandmother is the best yet; and yes indeed, Mother IS a Jet.


A very wise woman once wrote:

“It has been said that, ‘Freedom is an attitude of mind and heart that frees the soul to soar.’ A caged bird may be limited in where it can fly and what it can see, but it has the spirit to soar freely as it sings its sweet song. In its spirit, all physical limitations are overcome and its true nature springs forth untethered by constraints…[so]To my children and grandchildren I say, “Soar as high as you can soar.’”

from an essay by






  1. Jet

    My son, I am so blessed to have you and your siblings. I am so proud of you all, always ready to celebrate the major events in my life. I am simply amazed and impressed with the poem you wrote in recognition of me on Mother’s Day!
    Happy Graduation Day to you! With much love, pride and respect!

    Your Mother, Jet!

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      1. Congratulations Ron! Now that’s something to blog about right there! Returning to school and locking down your BS. Yes that that’s definitely an inspiration to older students and a stellar example for younger ones too. You da Man Ron! If I was in the area we’d throw you a congratulatory party cause you sure deserve one my brother.

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