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Diva of Soul, the official “My Jams” mascot!


Message from Lady G

In the event that you were unable to listen to the audio, I’d like to encourage you to please select and share your favorite jam (song) from years 1966, 1976, 1986, and 1996 in the comment section.

Although the “My Jams” series was exclusively focused on Soul and R&B, I urge you to link jams from ANY genre!

***Be aware that certain “My Jams” posts contain adult language and situations.  Also, song dates may vary.  For example, I might have been jamming a song in 1986 that was actually released in 1984.

LOL!  I do that all of the time 🙂

Feel free to use songs from the posts below:

That’s My Jam (Introductory Post )

My Jams ’66-67

My Jams ’76

My Jams ’86

My Jams ’96

Meet me in comments!

Love and light to you all

Lady G 😘💋

For: Gloria, Sandra, Sir R and Lady J for believing that I could do THIS!  YAAASSSS!







Random October Day 1979


Wanna play ‘Questions?’


I’ll start us off….


What’s your name and sign?

My name is Gwin and I’m a Capricorn.

What’s your nickname?

My Daddy calls me Doola Bug.

Nobody else calls me that though.

Only my Daddy.

Do you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend?

No, but I like a boy named—-

Actually, I like another boy named —- too.

I can’t tell you who they are because they might see this.

They don’t know.

I want it to stay a secret.


What’s your favorite color?

My favorite color is blue.

Do you have any sisters and brothers?

I have one little brother who gets on my nerves.

He always in the way!

Where are you from?

I’m from here.

I was born at the old University Hospital.

Do you have any pets?

I have two Dobermans, one name is Princess and one name is Demon.


Princess is the meanest.

Demon is the nicest.

I bet you didn’t guess that right!

Who is your favorite singer?

My favorite singer is Michael Jackson.

I want to marry him but Daddy say he too old.

Daddy say he’ll be using a walker by time I’m old enough to get married.

Oh and I like another singer name Prince.

He sing that song “Soft and Wet.”

And, he kinda look like a very pretty lady.

But not Michael, he look like a real man.

Oh yeah, there’s one more singer I gotta tell you about.

Her name is Teena Marie and I love her.

She white but she sound like she black.

Ain’t that crazy?

What do you like to do for fun?

I like to climb trees and look at the stars at night.

I also like to go to the golf course with my Daddy and eat sandwiches and chips at the clubhouse.

Sometimes, I like to walk the fairway, look at the trees and put my feet in the sand trap.

The only thing I don’t like is you have to be quiet when they trying to putt or T-off.

Anyway, I’ve seen lots of deer and jack-rabbits out on the course.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I want to be a meteorologist.

It didn’t take me long to learn how to spell that word because spelling is one of my best subjects.

Did you know that a meteorologist is just a fancy word for weatherman?

To me, it sound like somebody who studies meteors.

But it’s not.

I know all about the topic because I looked it up in an encyclopedia.

And because of that I already know how to look at the clouds and tell what the weather gonna be.

What’s your favorite cartoon?

My favorite cartoons are Looney Tunes, The Peanuts and I love Scooby Doo.

Oh yeah and I like Pink Panther, The Archies, Sabrina the Good Witch and I like Felix the Cat.

What’s your favorite food?

My favorite food is pizza, hamburgers, tacos and I like popcorn shrimp.

When we go to Red Lobster my Mama let me have a Sprite with cherries and an orange slice.

Sometimes they put a little umbrella in it.

It look like a grown person drink.

One time Daddy let me drink some coke he had in a cup.

Only it wasn’t just coke.

It was something else in it.

It tasted terrible so I spit it out.

He started laughing real loud.

Mama don’t know nothing about that.

Who is your favorite teacher?

My favorite teacher is Mrs. Scott.

She got the longest hair you ever saw but she keeps it back in a bun.

What are your favorite TV shows?

I like to watch Flip Wilson, Sanford and Son, Bewitched, Jeannie, and I like to watch Wonder woman, Bionic woman, Electric Company, Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers.

Oh and I like Mighty Isis and Shazaam.

Sometimes Mama let me stay up and watch Carol Burnett.

Harvey Korman is my favorite one!

I like when he dress up like a lady named Mother Marcus!

If it ain’t nothing else on TV, I’ll watch Hee-Haw.

Here’s a secret:  I like to watch The Lawrence Welk Show.

Don’t tell nobody about that.


Last night we watched the Great Pumpkin!

I love Charlie Brown.

But I can’t stand Lucy.

Do you play a instrument?

I play violin.

I made it as an alternate for all county Orchestra.

At the audition, I forget the rosin for my bow so my bow kept sliding off the string sounding like a cat.

That was dumb.

Uh oh…

I gotta go because me and my brother have to rake the grass so we can go to the fair tonight.

It was nice to meet you.

Don’t forget to write me back and tell me all your answers to my questions.

Before you go I want you to hear some of my favorite Michael Jackson songs:

And I like this one too:

Video Credits:

bere f











Lady G Quickie: On the Move

Not the same girl


Get your mind outta the gutter!

As the name indicates, Lady G is always, first and foremost, a lady 😉

And so…

From time to time, I’d like to quickly share whatever I’m currently enjoying without going into full post mode.

You know how that is 😉

Anyway, for all of my neo-soul, acid jazz, soul throw-back fans, this is for you.

“We are on the move” by Zo! featuring Eric Robertson and Phonté.

I love this groove!

The video is reminiscent of The Whispers during their heyday with S.O.L.A.R. (Sound of Los Angeles Records).

Shout out to California natives, Dave and Tareau over at TheCouchSports blog for doing their podcasting thing on I-Tunes!


While I’m shouting out….

Big up to K. E. Garland and her new book “The Unhappy Wife.”

They are on the move!



Video Credit:  The Foreign Exchange

Eric Robertson doing that run and kick thing is killing me!


Holler back in comments 🙂

Enjoy your weekend my loves.

Lady G 😘💋

Musical Affirmation: 10/13/2016


“Happy” by Brick released in 1977

“Feeling happy…soooo happy…FEE-LING happy!”

Brass and woodwinds are in FULL EFFECT on this jam!

All played by one Mr. Jimmy Brown!

Can you say ‘TROMBONE?’

How ’bout “FLUTE?’

Anyway, some of you may remember Mr. Brown’s son, performing artist, Sleepy Brown 🙂

Can you get with that?

ATL is in the house 🙂


I’m happy!

That’s right, Lady G has chosen to feel happy today!

Believe it or not, it is a choice!

Either you’ll decide how your day goes…


People, places and events will make the decision for you!

What’s it gonna be?


Nothing makes me happier than a Ferris Wheel framed by an October sky 🙂

Speaking of which, please focus your attention toward the Giant Wheel pictured above.

Can you believe that joker is 136 feet high?

It’s an attraction at Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio.

Just a quick nod to Mama 😉

She spent most of her teen years growing up in that fine Midwestern city.

But, truth be told, I’m glad she made it back down South!

Otherwise, I might not have materialized 😉

That sho’ ’nuff makes me happy!


And so…

Today’s affirmation:  I choose to be HAPPY!

Darlings, go into your mind and entertain all of the many reasons why you should be happy.



In your own delightful place!


Take it on home Brick!  


Video Credit:  DaddySinister

By the way, are there any Ferris wheel or amusement park fans in the house?

Better yet, has anybody been on the Giant Wheel at Cedar Point?

As for me, I am a huge fan of the Seattle Wheel (replica), which, last time I checked, was owned by The James H. Drew Exposition out of Augusta GA!  My hometown! (What’s up Tessa?)

Did I mention that Ferris wheels make me happy?

Oh yeah -I did!


Let’s talk about ALL of that in comments!

Meet me there 🙂

Stay happy y’all!

Lady G







Musical Affirmation: 10/6/2016


“Beginnings” by Chicago (Originally released in 1969).  Re-released in 1971.

“Only the beginning…only just the start”

Today’s MANTRA!!!!

Make no mistake brass fans, Lady G is bringing you LIFE today!



I go to sixty-seventh heaven EVER-Y-TIME I hear the horns blasting on this jam!

Easily one of my favorite songs of all time-best believe that!

And so:

Today’s affirmation:  I now welcome new and positive beginnings!

Yes baby!  Fall is in the air!  The possibilities are endless!  A new start!

It’s ONLY the beginning!

Come on y’all!  Let’s rock this jam right into a new beginning!


Video Credit:  MsDreamscaper

Chicago!!!  ‘Rock with Horns Band.’

I just can’t with Robert Lamm on this jam!  Sorry y’all, I had to throw that one in for old times sake 😉


Remember to check out “My Jams” for years 1966-1996 under “Music”- “My Jams.”

First of the Fall


***From the “My Jams” Archives (1969)

“First of the Fall and there she goes back…”

Hot Fun In The Summertime by Sly and The Family Stone:  August 1969

One of my favorite songs of all time!

The piano intro is so haunting; it hits me smack dab in the middle of my brain’s wistful zone.

Strangely enough, I love that!

I live for the way Sly likens summer days to a magical lady that appears at the “end of the spring” and goes away before the “first of the fall.”

What an enchanting metaphor!

Can’t you just imagine this fanciful little golden sprite twirling in and out of our lives, bringing and taking sunny memories with her.

“…everythang is cool!!!”

🙂 🙂 🙂

And now…

I celebrate the Northern Hemisphere’s ‘re-entry’ into the gates of the Autumnal Equinox!

And, as a true lover of fall, I’m brimming over with majestic and sublime feelings of exaltation!

Welcome back Autumn!  Welcome back!

If you live in the Northern half of the world, why don’t you join me as I salute the return of crisp cool mornings, slanted afternoon sunlight and brisk evening breezes!

Go now and open the closest door or window; better yet, step outside!

Bid summer farewell and envision her as she pirouettes away on the melody of this jam!



Video credit:  Perry Cox PF93

Ah…wasn’t that exhilarating!

Oh well, my time here is up.

I’ll see you guys later!

Lady J and I have a date with “the first of the Fall!”

Much love as always,

Lady G


***Remember, you can check out the entire “My Jams” series for years 1966-1996 by selecting “My Jams” in the music category.



My Jams ’96

MJ '91 CDs

Year of release may vary.  

To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven…

-Ecclesiastes 3


My Jams ‘96

Hey lover by LL Cool J

Always be my baby by Mariah Carey (Tell me if you still care remix)

You’re Makin me high by Toni Braxton

Hit me off by New Edition

This is for the lover in you by Babyface

All the things your man won’t do by Joe

Kissing you by Total

Use your heart by SWV

Let’s get down by Tony Toni Tone ft. DJ Quik

One for the money by Horace Brown

Ascension by Maxwell (Whole LP)

Never miss the water by Chaka Khan and Meshell N’Degeocello

So many ways by the Braxtons

Wildest dreams by Tina Turner and Barry White

Never leave me alone by Nate Dogg

Please don’t go by Immature

Party tonight by LaDae featuring Chubb Rock  (Show you the way remix)

Spiritual thang by Eric Benet

Girl 6 by Prince

Could this be the Love by Al Green

Your heart’s in good hands by Al Green

Lady by Mista


Hip Hop

No time by Lil Kim

Elevators by Outkast

White horse by Kilo

Hay by Crucial Conflict

How do you want it by Tupac

Come on ride the train by Quad City DJs

Been there done that by Dr. Dre

Ain’t no n**** by Jay-Z

Soul food by Goodie Mob

Dirty South by Goodie Mob


And thus ended the “My Jams”series.  

God bless you all for following along!  It’s been a serious blast!  But before I leave you, let me offer a very special thanks to my cousin Ron, friends-Gloria and Sandra, Diva of Soul, Miss Time Machine and all my people that followed the series from day one!  To cousin Aleshia for telling me to keep ’em coming!  To cousin Lenel for reading along; RIP to her brother, my cousin Ernest.

Also a special thanks to my fellow bloggers T. Wayne and GeoGee for promoting and advancing the series in its early infancy.

Also to my brother Tack for shouting me out!

Additional thanks to all of the other many bloggers and viewers that caught on, ‘liked,’ commented, praised and stuck with this little labor or love.

I send much love and light to my mother, Queen Diva E!  May she rest in peace!  She was the one who first introduced me to good music.  I love you mom!

And so…

Guys, whenever you create your playlists or whenever you go to YouTube to listen to one of my jams please give me a shout out in an overt way!

That would make my day 🙂

And on that note, I gotta grab my baby boy so we can move on to 1997 and continue on our long path home.


So long!

See you on the other side!




❤ ❤ ❤
My Jams (1966-1996)



My Jams ’95

moon-1275694_1280“My Jams” posts include adult language and controversial observations.  Song release dates may vary.  Songs are in no particular order and are not exhaustive.

I come from a family of seers.

Some aware.

Some not.

I AM aware and I do see.

I see potentials.

A few in stone.

Many things can be changed.

But not all.

Right now I see miles and miles of sand.

In the midst–an Oasis.


Remnants of a tall tower.  


There are casualties. 

Some are gone.

Disquieted and discerning.

A portent?

What does this mean?


Oh my God!



Now before y’all get to googling and fact checking, let the record show that LadyG is acutely aware that we are smack dab in the bowels of 1995.

Do realize that your girl was ‘seeing’ something to come in 1996.

It was an act of terrorism on our troops in Saudi Arabia.  

The Khobar Towers to be exact.  

Well baby, my dear cousin Ron was there when that tower came down in an explosion.

Chile everybody in my family was calling back and forth trying to find out if he was alright. At the time, we were all afraid.  

I was completely heartsick.

It was NOT good.  

But I really felt for his children, wife, mom, dad, sisters and brother.  

Well, thank God your boy finally called home to let it be known that he was not one of those that we lost that day.  

 May they rest in peace.

We love you Ron and we are so blessed that you made it back home 😘💋

And so…

What’s poppin’?  Is everything good in your world on this cold and windy morning in 1995? You know I wanna know right?  Bring all the goods to comments.

But for now, let me break you off a couple two- twenty jams!

My Jams ‘95

Hooked On You by Silk

Okay at first when I heard the sample from the old “Ironside” TV show I was like, “ What the hell?”

Oh but then the music shifted and them brothers started singing!

Hot damn!

“There’s no living without you, got me hooked on everything you do”

“You say you’re coming back and I believe you’re coming back…”

Word to the wise:  You can’t stop grown folks from doing what they wanna do!


Anything by J Quest

“Girl I’ll do just about anything to try to turn you on ‘cause you got it going on.”

Y’all remember that one?

That was my shit!

I used to rock the hell out of that cassingle!  

For the whippersnappers, that’s a cassette with one jam; maybe two on it!

Freak Like Me by Adina Howard

Closet freaks was banging the hell out of this jam!

Queen Diva Adina let it be known that she was a freak!

Lady G pleads the 5th.

“I got a freaky secret-everybody sing ‘cause we don’t give a damn about a thang.”

Tell me Groove Theory

But did you peep that damn bass all up and through?  Hell they got a freaking Upright Bass in the video.  I pray like hell that’s the bass I hear in this jam 🙂 I know it’s not 😉

When I saw Bryce with them big pretty eyes grooving with pretty Queen Diva Amel Larrieux I liked to lost my mind.

“Sweetheart now it’s time I let you know, don’t wanna rush we should take it slow…”


He’s mine Mokenstef (Remix with Grand Puba)


No shade, but I always thought that some of the lyrics to this song were stupid as hell.  But it empowered women who were cheated on…I guess 😉

But then I HAD to like it because they went and remixed it with a sample from Queen Diva Patrice Rushen’s classic “Remind me.”

“He may be doing you but he’s thinking about me”

Um..no…men are pretty basic in that arena.  He’s thinking about what and  who he’s doing at that point in time.  LOL!!!

Brokenhearted Brandy duet with Wanya Morris

Word on the street is that she was kinda crushing on Wanya (He’s singing on this jam) from Boyz II Men.

No matter, this was my jam.

I wish Skee-lo

“I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller, I wish I had a girl that looked good- I would call her…”

Just a fun song!  

“I wish…”

I’m going down Mary J Blige

And then there was the time that Mary went and remade this Rose Royce’s classic.

That Queen did the damn thang on this!

“I’m going down..”

I dunno, but it sounds almost like they used the original track.  If not, whoever duplicated it tore that shit up!

Somethin for the honeyz by Montell Jordan

I don’t know about y’all but Lady G actually likes Montell.

He looks like he would be a cool brother to hang out with 😉

Heller, heller Monty! 

“Something for the honeyz”

Brown Sugar by D’Angelo

Aw shit now!  When we heard this we knew that music was changing.

Neo-soul?  Acid jazz?

Whatever you wanna call it!

Real music is making a comeback!

You bring me joy by Mary J Blige

Did that Queen sing a song over an old Barry White track?

Yes she did!

Joy by Blackstreet

Word on the street is Michael Jackson wrote this song.  You already know LadyG cannot be bothered to google it.

But what do my ears hear?

MY VIOLINS!!!!!  They’re here again!  

I just can’t with Teddy Riley right now!

Chile I was so glad he put that damn synthesizer down and sat at a piano!!!!

I LOVE this song.  

By the way, I implore you to watch the video and peep the white guy that looks like Bob James conducting that mini orchestra.  

Dude is so freaking on point!  He ain’t missing a damn beat!

I’ll put it in comments.  If you ain’t got time skip to 3:30 on the video.  He goes by fast so be alert!


If Only You Knew by Phil Perry

But then Phil Perry went and did a masterful version of Queen Diva Patti’s classic!

I bleeve I’ll park that one in comments too.

Don’t miss it!

Someone please remind LadyG if she forgets! LOL!

Put your body where your mouth is by Sean Levert

Hell I forgot about this one!  

Go ‘head on Sean, you DID that!

RIP Brah!

You put a move on my heart by Tamia

I read somewhere that this song is not an easy song to sing.  

I think it was Quincy Jones who said that.  

Maybe a musician or a singer can explain why.

I got nothing.

All I know is Queen Diva Tamia kilt it!


Down for whateva  Nuttin’ Nyce

Y’all remember them?

Oh yes baby, Lady G was rocking this one!

Lady G is down for whatever!

Let’s talk about it by Men at Large

Aw hell yeah!

“Let’s talk about it, let’s talk…about birds and bees sugar you and me gettin’ it on.”

You can’t touch it!

You simply CANNOT!

“ I don’t mean to be sweatin’ you… all I wanna do is just talk to you…”

And y’all wonder where all these 21, 22 and 23 year old chillun came from.

Babymaking music was everywhere in 93, 94, 95!

There It Is by Barry White.

The Maestro!

Barry just being Barry baby!

You and me just some squirrels trying to get…well you know the rest!


Zhane’s album

The entire damn thing!  You know the one with “Crush!”


Meshell Ndegeocello’s  album

This entire damn album too!  The one with “Dredlocks”


All I Want for Christmas by Mariah Carey

They STILL play this Christmas jam some 21 years later!  

Gone and get them coins Mariah!

Hip Hop Jams

Watch what you say by Guru featuring Chaka Khan  Guru!  Da man! I miss him!

Runnin’ by Pharcyde  This!!! “…’cause my pappy never told me how to knock a n**** out!”  I hollered!

Sprinkle Me by E-40

Lifestyles of the Rich and Shameless by The Lost Boyz

Lady G is still grooving to Outkast!  Still!!!!!


Well, the time has come to release 1995 back into the days of yore!  LOL!

I love you 1995–Until we meet again-Goodbye!

Everybody else, you know what to do!  Bring your commentary, your memories and your jams to the comment section.

Lady G 😘💋


  • For my dear friend and favorite poet Chevvy.
  • For the ones we lost at the Khobar Towers complex in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, June 25, 1996.
  • For Seaman Cherone L. Gunn and all the ones lost October 12, 2000 on the USS Cole.
    • Love and light to his brother, our friend, Anton Gunn and family.
  • For the ones we lost on September 11, 2001.
  • For all the ones we lost to terrorism–before and since.


❤ ❤ ❤



My Jams ’94

My Jams 1990s

“My Jams” posts contain adult language and controversial observations.  Song release dates may vary.  Read at your own risk.

Warning:  It’s real funky up in here 🙂



The wind shifts South

Another son is born

He has something to say

And he will NOT be bullshitting



My Girl:  “He fucked up so I had to take it outta his ass!”

Lady G:  “Yeeeeaaaah…but did you have to bust out the ENTIRE windshield to do it?”

My Girl:  “He lucky that’s all I did!”

Lady G:  “But the ENTIRE windshield?”

My Girl:  “Anyway, chile pleeze…I came over here to see the baby!”

Lady G:  (Hands the baby to friend.)

My Girl:  “Look at little fatman!  He sooo cute!  He look just like you and his daddy!”

Lady G:  “Back to the subject at hand…Did he call the police on you?”

My Girl:  “Are you serious?  Chile, he know better than that, hell we just now finished knockin’ boots right before I came over here.”

🙂 🙂 🙂

YAAASSSSS!  Love is complicated as hell!

Y’all my Mama used to warn me ‘bout that “killin’ kinda of love.  You know those relationships where one of the parties says, “If I can’t have you, nobody else will!”

Mama said, if a man ever says that to you, your ass better run like hell!

Anyway, while “my girl” was not in a ‘killin’” kinda relationship, she and her dude did engage in more than a little bit of craziness!

Don’t act like you don’t know folks in relationships like that!  Hell you’re probably in one or you just got out of one yourself!

And so…

How are y’all doing on this magnificent afternoon in 1994?  Is all going well in your world?

As for me?  I’m just chilling with my sweet baby boy!

To be fair, I must apologize in advance.  This list is a bit long.  I was having way too much fun so please forgive me!

My Jams ‘94 (Tha 9Quad)

Switch by TLC

Every once in awhile you just gotta switch shit!

“Erase, replace, embrace, new face.”


Kick your game by TLC

Dude, I might be willing to spend some time with you…

“…but it depends on how you kick yo’ game.”

“I just wanna know if you can kick some game come with something more clever than just your name…”

Lady G loves listening to a l’il game….if it’s good!

Anytime Anyplace by Janet Jackson

This damn thang was so hot back in the Spring of ‘94

“I don’t wanna stop just because people walkin’ by watching us…”

Janet didn’t give a damn what they thought!

Your Body’s Calling by R.Kelly

Oh he DID that!

Who doesn’t like that jam?

Feenin’ by Jodeci

You got me feenin’ like a straight up junkie!

“You got me feenin’”

Dream on Dreamer by Brand New Heavies

Me and my baby boy danced all over the place to this jam!

Mama was holding that baby tight!  

So precious—cannot be replaced!

“Dream on dreamer…”

Happy by Mary J. Blige

“How can I love somebody else

If I can’t love myself enough

To know when it’s time

Time to let go”

What the hell else can I add to that?

My Life LP by Mary J Blige

I blasted this entire album all day every day back in ‘94!

YAAASSSSS!  Hell I can’t even name all of the jams on this one.

Just go back and revisit it baby!  You will be happy you did!

Always and Forever by Luther Vandross

OK, everybody knows that Heatwave (my play cousins) tore this mug up back in ‘76-77.  Well honey Lootha decided to remake it in ‘94!

Did he kill it?


But I’m still partial to the original!  Baby when ‘my cousin’ Johnny rode that damn “you” all the way into falsetto heaven!  “You, YOU, You, You….”


You Send Me Swingin by Mint Condition

“You send me swangin’”

I just can’t with Mint Condition!

Them boys let it be known that they were not messing around!  Not even a little bit!

How Many Ways by Toni Braxton

There go Queen Diva Toni with that sexy Alto!

“Let me count the ways.”

On and On by Janet Jackson

Some people know this as “The Summertime song.”

It samples “Family Affair” by Sly and the Family Stone.

From what I understand, it was never really released as a single; it was a b-side jam.  Don’t quote me, just google the shit for yourself.

Anywhats, we jammed it during the summer of ‘94!

“And the feeling goes on, and on, and on…”

Prayer for the Dying by Seal

My Granddaddy went to be with the Lord in ‘94.

Afterwards, I used to listen to this song and cry my eyes out about it.

Still miss him.

A Kiss From A Rose by Seal

I was telling a fellow blogger that I once read that Seal had a penchant for using old English folk melodies in some of his songs.  Again, Lady G simply cannot be bothered to google it.

Maybe Roger and my UK followers can listen to this jam and tell me if that sounds true.

Roger is it, indeed,  Athurian?  From the days of yore?


Part-Time Lover by H-Town

“If you don’t mind, I’ll do you just fine…I will be your part-time lover.”

Dino and them boys DID that!

RIP love.

Can you get wit’ it by Usher

Well I’d like to get wit’ it but you too damn young Urrsha!

Don’t laugh!  Y’all know that’s how country black folks pronounce “Usher”

Anyway, Usher still a cute lil boy tho’!

Anybody here on the urrsha board?

See what I mean?


Think of You by Usher

“Yes, yes y’all, to da beat y’all!”

Then they went and interpolated or sampled jazz great Ronnie Laws!

Hell if it worked for Black Moon on “Who got da props” then why not try it with Urrsha.

What about Us by Jodeci

JO JO:  I wanna love you, I wanna love you…”

But did Devante Swing throw in a musical nod to Prince?

“Do you lady!”

Yes he did!

“Satisfaction guaranteed if you come and get with me.”

Diary of a Mad Band!  


Take a Bow by Madonna

Madonna was showing out in the early and mid ‘90’s!  Check out any of her stuff from back then.  You can’t go wrong.

A bullfighter?  Okaaaay?

Here Comes the Hotstepper

“Act like you know Rico… I know what Bo don’t know!”

Hey Poley?  Where ‘dem hotsteppas at?

Poley is my cousin and she calls her high-heeled shoes “hotsteppas”


Low Down Dirty Shame Soundtrack

The whole damn thang!

In the mood by CeCe Peniston

CeCe is back!  My ‘girls’ in the club loved some CeCe!  

I’m not over you by CeCe Peniston

“Im not, not over you…over you…over you!”

If that’s your boyfriend by Meshell N’degeocello

DA BASS IS BACK!  In full effect!

But this time around it’s being thumped, slapped and plucked to death by a badass CHICK!

Baybee, Uncle Larry and Uncle Louis (Larry Graham and Louis “Thunder Thumbs” Johnson respectively for the whippersnappers) would be soooooo proud!

Get it girl!

“If that’s your boyfriend he wasn’t last night!”

Where my Queens at?  Let’s hit the floor ladies!

Taste your love by Horace Brown

Horace you so nasty!

But in a good way.

I Can Go Deep by Silk





“I can go deep if you let me.”

A Little Somethin’ by A Few Good Men

“Go where you wanna go

do what you you wanna do

In the day

At night it’s my way”

(Here’s a little somethin’ that’ll make you stay)

Chocolate Thai by Y?N-Vee

I don’t know nothing ’bout no weed so I have to listen to this jam metaphorically!

An allegory of sorts–but not really 😉

To be honest, I could jam to Donald Trump if he was singing over Rick James’ “Mary Jane”

No shade, that’s precisely  what these Queen Diva’s did.

Hip Hop Jams

Take it Easy by Mad Lion

I don’t know what the hell he sayin’ so all I say is:

“Take it easy, what, take it easy, what…”

That beat was sick as hell!

Now, unless I’m mistaken I did hear him say “If you touch me you must bite de dust.”

Sounds like Jamaican Patois to me!

Don’t get it twisted, Lady G got many peeps from all da islands in de Carribean mon!

What’s up Brothers and Sisters?

Regulate by Warren G. ft. Nate Dogg

Gin and Juice by Snoop Dogg

Back in the day by Ahmad

Juicy by Biggie

Doggy Dog World by Snoop Dogg ft. Kurupt and “Diggity” Daz

TaaDow at da Carolina West y’all!

The Dramatics?  Whaaaaa?  YAAASSSS!

Da dogg pound rocks the party all night long…til when…til the early morn…”


Sound of da Police by KRS-ONE–  

Whoop! Whoop!  Dats da sound of de Police!  Whoop! Whoop! dats de sound of de beast!”

Special shout out to Southern Rappers and my Georgia homeboys!

Tootsee Roll by the 69 Boyz (Florida):  “I don’t know what you been told, it ain’t the butterfly it’s the tootsee roll!”

Dunkie Butt by 12 Gauge

Crumblin’ Erb by Outkast:  “There’s only so much time left in this crazy world I’m just crumblin’erb…”

The Player’s Ball by Outkast

Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik by Outkast:  THIS ENTIRE ALBUM IS THE SHIT!

Get up get out by Outkast : With that funky ass Ceelo Green and Goodie MOB.   What y’all know ’bout that?

“Get up get out cut dat bullshit out!  Ain’t you sick and tired of havin’ to do without?”


Yessuh!  These boys gettin’ ready to change the game.

The East and West gotta start looking South baby!


Well, it is with a heavy heart that I must bid 1994 (Da 9 Quad) farewell!

Thank you for all of the many gifts and lessons that you brought me!  I’ll love you always.

May you find peace in the “Archipelago of Last Years.”

Everybody else needs to meet me in comments for the party! Bring your commentary, your jams and your memories!  BYOB!  LOL 😉

Mama and Baby
Dream on Dreamer!


Da Ruler!
All of UsIMG_2386
He looks like both of us! My picture is from 2016.  Dad’s picture is from 1987!  LOL!!!
All grown up
I love you man!


For My Son.

With Love,