My Jams ’79


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“Now, who in the hell wanted us to go all the way back here?”

I was wondering the same thing that mama was.  I mean I’ve been to Old Creek Town before, but I ain’t never been out here.

Oh I forgot to tell you, we on the way to a family reunion so we can reunite with all our family from everywhere.  A lot of them came from Ohio.  Some of them came from Indiana.  Some of them came from Florida.  But most of them came from Alabama.

We the only ones that came from Georgia.

I been wondering something though.  How can we have a reunion with people we ain’t never united with before?  I should ask mama but she probably gon’ tell me to stop asking a bunch of crazy questions.

Anyway, we finally made it!

I just heard somebody yell, “We over here Pig!”  By the way, that’s what they call mama. I follow mama over to the picnic shed where everybody is eating and talking and having a good time.

So far everything is going pretty good!  I’m having fun meeting new cousins.

But, to me it’s kinda crazy because whenever a grown up sees me they keep asking me, “Who is your mama?”  They ask me this even when mama is standing right there!  But don’t worry; I’m used to it because me and mama don’t really look very much alike.

Anyway, when I tell them who my mama is they say, “You so pretty, you look just like your daddy’s people!”

I don’t think mama likes it when people say stuff like that.

How do I know?

You see, one day me and mama and her friend went to the store and we saw this lady who looked at me and then looked at my mama’s friend and said, “You have a beautiful little girl!”

Mama looked at her and said, “That’s my child!”

When I asked mama about it later, she said that the lady thought I was her friend’s child because me and her friend had the same complextion–I hope I spelled that right.  Anyway, I didn’t ask her nothing else about that.

Oh yeah, I got off track!

Anyway, they got some good food at this reunion but I don’t eat anything unless I know who cooked it and where it came from.  Uncle Bubba might have killed a hog and I don’t like to eat them fresh out the yard.  I like for my meat to go though the people at the store.

Uh oh, here come Uncle Willie’nem with the speakers and the stereo.  They say my cousins from Florida are about to show out!  All of them can dance!

Wait, the music just started and them girls already running to the dance floor. I’m just gonna stand back and watch them “stomp and grind” while  Mass Production sings, “Firecracker come dance for me, I just like to see the way you move…Yeah, Yeah!”

🙂 🙂 🙂

Yass baby! Those girls worked it out!  They showed us how to do that there!

And how are you doing my loves?  Well if you’re asking me, I am downright tired!  Do you hear me? Chile, I just got back from an International Player’s Conference in Cologne, Germany!  Baby, your girl was over there lecturing on the Art of Seduction.

Honey them folks thought they were gonna hem Sexy Lady G up with ten thousand questions but you know I had to cut it short.

While everybody else was departing by airplane, Lady G slid right on over to Miss Time Machine, blasted “Dream maker by Rick James” and jetted out to 1979 baby to see what y’all was talkin’ bout!

Oh yeah, before I forget, while I was in Germany, I met this gorgeous photographer and poet by the name of Chevvy.  She was on her way back home to South Africa.  Baby when I saw her, I thought to myself, “Damn, she just as good looking and sexy as I am!”  Take note, ‘cause y’all know that kinda thang don’t happen every day 😉  Y’all when I found out she was down with my twin T. Wayne I knew she had to be cool!

I also met this interesting fella named MJ; he is from the Klondike or someplace.  This brother stopped me and said, “Hey Lady G, I just wanted you to know that I dig what you’re doing!”  That shole makes my heart feel good.

By the way, I got a shout out from this Diva named Alisha B.  Alisha shares the same name (different spelling) as one of my cousins so she immediately got my attention.  Anyway, it seems that Geo introduced her to “My Jams” and now she’s a fan.  You better work Ms. Alisha!

Of course, Ron, T. Wayne and Geo always got front row seats to this here blockbuster!  I know all my other folks will be rolling up soon.

Anyway, what are y’all doing in this last year of the decade?  This joker know it went by fast didn’t it?  Are y’all ready for 1980?  Well you know me!  I’m game for pretty much anything.  God willing and if the creek don’t rise we’ll ALL see what’s gon’ happen when Father Time replaces that seven with an eight and that nine with a goose egg!  Yass!

And so…

My Jams ‘79

Reunited by Peaches and Herb


This one is for all the couples out there working thangs out!  Baby, it’s the perfect song to help you patch sh!t back up!

Peaches says “I wanna let you know I won’t let you go…”

Hell it’s all good when we getting that good lovin’ all night!

But let’s see how reunited we are in the morning.

Come on and Go with Me by Teddy Pendergrass

Hot damn!  I was a gotdamn fool over this one.

Gamble and Huff know exactly what to do and say to get all up and through my lower patella baby!

That said, I was a bit irritated with the chick verbalizing her trepidation about going home with Teddy!  I mean really, who are you fooling?  You know he gon’ get it.

Second Time Around 

This was Eva’s jam right here!

I told y’all SOLAR records would NOT be playing!  Howard’nem showed out with this one!

“I’ll make it so good to you baby!”

Cruisin by Smokey Robinson

“Baby let’s cruise away from here….”

To me, this song gives any man an unfair advantage!  Who in the hell can resist sweet Smokey?

Did it matter that he was probably 77 years old when this was released?

Hell to da naw!

Ladies please stay strong!

Ain’t no stoppin’ us now by McFadden and Whitehead


Black folks in the US adopted this as our National Anthem baby!

“Don’t you let nothing, nothing stand in your way.

I want y’all to listen, listen to every word I say, every word I say!”

Some of us listened, danced and followed through with an action plan.

But some of us listened, danced and then sat our asses down somewhere and waited for the next jam so we could listen and dance some more!

Take me home by Cher

Look here, y’all ain’t gon’ give me no grief over this jam! I love this song.  Have you ever heard the long version?

Baby it reminds me of a night I spent at Studio 54 with Jim Morrison!  And y’all thought he had died!  Jim was my one and only swirl!

Chile, it was one of the best times I ever had!  Who knew the brother could get down like that.

No, I simply refuse to share the details.

Disco Nights by GQ

“Rock freak, Rock freak!”

This really was a tight-ass jam.

I wonder what happened to these dudes! I guess I could google it.

But I probably won’t!

Either way, this jam was bad!

Do you love what you feel Rufus featuring Chaka Khan

That heffa know she tore this damn thang up!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not in the practice of calling a Queen like Chaka a heffa. But when you use the term ‘heffa’ in the right context-especially in the South- it can be the highest form of a compliment!  Yass!

That heffa DID that!

I don’t know if it’s right by Evelyn Champagne King

Y’all I got some conflicting info on the release date for this one!  No matter, I am sticking it in 1979 baby.

Anyway, this one is for the ladies who are contemplating whether or not to let this joker get it.

“I don’t know if I should give it to you when I know you’re no good…”

All I gotta say is sometimes you just need to take that chance! HA!

I know I did and it brought me the best and the worst but baby that’s life!

You gonna make me love somebody else by The Jones Girls

Aw shit now!

Yass ladies and gentlemen, I invite you to read these freaking lyrics:

I aint did nothing to you

I just love you with my heart, heart and soul

Every time I need some lovin

Why do you turn, turn cold

Now I aint dumb, and I aint stupid

I know you need love, need love like I do

Cause if you aint loving me,

I wanna know who in the world you loving

Tell me if you don’t want me around

I just be damned!  OOOOOOOOWWWW!!!

Ok, these Queens hit the ground running straight out the damn gate!

And they DID that with angelic voices over a funky ass bassline!


Boy this joker right here is a Gamble and Huff masterpiece!

I’m dead!

Never had a love like this by Tavares


They just don’t come no better than this right here!

“…Oooh ooh ooh never never ever ever ever had a love like this before..”

Yass!  They came to slay!

In the mood by Tyrone Davis

This is the first jam that ever made Sexy Lady G consider getting it on with a senior citizen and that’s all I gotta say about that!

I call your name by Switch

Two words:  Bobby DeBarge!

Thank you and good night!

Do you wanna go party by KC and the Sunshine Band

Y’all know I love me some KC right?  Well I heard Ray Parker Jr. say that KC has one note that he sings and he stays right there on that damn note.  That’s why he don’t be going all up and down the musical scale when he sings!

Personally, I just don’t give a damn ‘cause he had a badass band backing him up.  When I wanna hear some real singing, I fangle on over to Teddy or the O’jays.

Let’s face it, with KC, you knew what it was.

By the way, Ray wasn’t hating, hell he said he started doing it too.

Sparkle by Cameo

Fellas, I present you with this jam; it will make you a bona fide winner with the ladies!

Sexy Lady G liked to got played by this serious case of sexual chocolate messing around with this jam.

Never fear, I kept my wits about me and stayed cool.

Still waiting by Prince

Oh trust!  You will NOT still be waiting if you play this jam.

“…I spend my days just a trying to find that love to call my own ‘cause I’m sick and tired of being alone!”


I simply CANNOT!

Sucker for your love, Rick James featuring Teena Marie

All hail my number one female Queen Diva, may she rest in peace.

Bow down now to Teena Marie baby!  Yass!

Chile, black folks did everything they could to make this sista black. We said stuff like, “She just real light skinned!”  LOL!!!!

Get with the program y’all, the girl was Caucasian but she was badder than most any sista out there and that is Bible and Church!

I’m the one who gave her the nickname Lady T 😉

To which she responded, “Why don’t you go by Lady G so we can match!”

Y’all we been down ever since then.  We still talk from time to time.  Y’all know Lady G got all kinds of new technologies!

😉  Don’t hate!

Find my way by Cameo

This one has been covered at least three times prior to Cameo.  One of the best known groups to sing it was The Three Degree back in 1970.

To be clear, Lady G likes the 1979 LONG version of this jam.  Now if you are brave enough, play this jam and say my name 69 times. On the 69th time I will appear before you and we’ll vibe together!

Oh by the way, don’t worry if you don’t remember this one!  Cousin Ron says it’s not unusual for me to go to the back room, grab the last crate, and pull out the side B of the last record!  ROTFLMAO!

I just can’t help it y’all!  I love music like that!


Before I continue, I wanted to offer a quick intermission to let you browse in mama’s record collection:

Mighty Real by Sylvester:  Did you see that joker go from dapper gent to full on queen with one single turn?  Yass!

All the way live by Lakeside

Bad girls by Donna Summer

Don’t Stop ‘Til you get enough by Michael Jackson

Off the Wall by Michael Jackson

Rapper’s Delight by The Sugar Hill Gang

I wanna be your lover by Prince

I got my mind made up by Instant Funk

Keep on Dancin’ by Gary’s Gang

What cha gonna do with my lovin’ by Stephanie Mills

My feet keep dancin’ by Chic

Ring my Bell by Anita Ward

Move your Boogie Body by The Bar Kays

I wanna be with you by The Isley Brothers

This is it by Kenny Loggins

Chase me by Con Funk Shun

Feel that feeling that you’re feeling by Maze

Bustin’ out by Rick James

I just wanna be by Cameo

Glide by Pleasure

Just a touch of love by Slave

Why you wanna treat me so bad by Prince

Eyeballin’ by Heatwave

Cisselin Hot by Chuck Cissel


Last, but definitely not least:

Good times by Chic:

Oh this jam was slamming!  Bernard was working all over that bassline.  Nile was bringing the rhythm.

Speaking of basslines….

This bassline found its way into the history books baby.  Yass, this bassline right here helped to usher in a whole new genre of music called rap!  According to brother Wonder Mike from The Sugar Hill Gang, he coined the term hip-hop when he rapped, “A hip hop…..” to the “Good times” bassline on “Rapper’s Delight.”

Ya’ll know that jam is widely recognized as the first major rap record.

Chile that Sugar Hill Gang hip hopped all over Nile Rodgers’nem song–without permission I might add!  Of course Nile and Bernard sued and got their just due!  And you know how things went after that!

Yass honey Good times was a real jam but Sexy Lady G detected a bit of underlying melancholia in that joker.  There was most assuredly something else going on at that party y’all!

Seems to me that it’s foreshadowing something…

A rumor has it that it’s getting late

Time marches on, just can’t wait

The clock keeps turning, why hesitate

You silly fool, you can’t change your fate….

Yes my sweets, it is, in fact, getting late.  The seventies are about to commence to dust.  They are becoming a cryptic memory.

There is a transition afoot; and not necessarily a good one.  Brass will begin to fade away and bands will make do with fewer and fewer musicians.  Synthesizers will masquerade as violins, harps, and any other instrument you can imagine.

We’ll have to adjust to a new normal.

Please join me in a moment of silence to mourn the passing of real music and showmanship!

Now, in the words of the great Lawrence Welk Singers:

Good night, sleep tight and pleasant dreams to you

Here’s a wish and a prayer that every dream comes true

And now ’til we meet again

Adios, au revoir, auf wiedersehen

Good Night!

This is Lady G, (Gwin) and The Diva of Soul signing off!

Goodnight 1979 and Goodbye to the ‘70’s!

My jams 79 final shot
Diva of Soul making her final appearance with Lady G.

Next Thursday:  The Love Boat followed by a very special episode of Bosom Buddies with Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari.



100 thoughts on “My Jams ’79

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  2. what you said about Smokey RObinson being 77 back when crusing dropped made my non wisdom teeth fall out and clap in tune. you had a Brother rolling.digging your picks back in 79 and I dug all of them, but especially “Street life” by the Crusaders. Randy Crawford and the Crusaders had me on that blast back then. peace

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL! Smokey Robinson is one of those ageless dudes 🙂
      I don’t think ANYBODY knows how old he really is. He still looks good though.
      Thanks for telling me that you got a good laugh. That makes my day 🙂
      And YAAASSSS…Queen Diva Randy and the Crusaders DID that on “Street life.” It was a favorite of a very close friend of mine. He has since passed away. I think of him every time I hear it:)
      Again, thanks for stopping by Mistermaxxx. I’ve enjoyed ‘meeting’ you 🙂

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  3. Okay Cous, you asked for it! LOL

    “Old Creek Town”! Ya killing me girl. What or where is that? Hey Cuz, I bet you most of them Ohioans and Indianans hailed from Bama and Gawga too, somewhere along the line. LOL! Again you shot bolts through my heart with your list. 1979 was a year of transitions for me: I turned 18, which was the legal age for drinking in those days…PARTY! Also, I graduated from high school and entered the United States Air Force. I especially loved your choices of:

    Second Time Around-Shalamar. I was right in there with Auntie on that one!

    I enjoyed, “Disco Nights”-GQ but “Boogie oogie oogie” was the jam too. We were doing the “Rock” and the “Freak” back then, both popular dances and the jamming refrain in that song. “Rock freak, Rock freak!” You ever stop to think about how prevalent the words “Boogie” and “Groove” were; in some shape, form, or fashion, in song titles and lyrics, during ’79?

    I was infatuated, nay, in love with Chaka. That girl know she was fine. I was an instant fan of anything she sang including; “Do You Love What You feel”

    Bobby Debarge and Switch are on my list also with, “I Call Your Name”. “Whenever I get lonely baby” that’s just what I do.

    My first brother-in-law used to pervert the lyrics of “Sucker For Your Love”, by Rick James featuring Teena Marie to “Sucker for ya draws!” but my favorite RJ of ‘79 was “Bustin Out”. “We bustin out of this L-7 square (what was that?) I heard that it was the cell block that he occupied in prison, but later learned that it’s a 1950’s term for “square” or, “just a little too dam straight”.

    “All the Way Live” by Lakeside, reminds me of my early military days, tearing up the dorm room (that’s barracks for you Army folks), after drinking that Brass Monkey! That and Knee Deep by Funkadelic. In basic training, drinking “Near Beer” and trying to get back from the Airman’s club before dark. And who could forget that word, “Psychoalphdiscoalphbetabioalphdooloop”?

    My roommate at my first base was a guy from Philly named Louis (Lou Davis) who had a turntable and loved to play the songs from the girls of 79: What You Gonna Do With My Lovin- Stephanie Mills; Minnie Ripperton (Memory Lane) and Phyllis Hyman (You Know How to Love Me)
    He also turned me on to The Crusaders with “Street Life”.

    I wanna be your lover by Prince. I was a fan from the start. I had this album, “Dirty Mind”, and “Controversy” and didn’t even have a turntable.

    Ring my Bell by Anita Ward and Firecracker!- Mass Production were written on my “favorites” page of my Senior year, “Memory Book”

    Chase me by Con Funk Shun

    Turn off the Lights-Teddy Pendegrass

    I’m So Into You-Peabo Bryson (arguably one of the greatest voices of R & B)

    Shake Your Body Down to the Ground-Mike and ‘Nem
    After the Love is Gone-EWF

    Boogie Wonderland-EWF

    Shake Your Groove Thang-Peaches & Herb

    AND that MASTERPIECE “Good Times” by Chic. Sources say that it is one of the most sampled songs in recording history.

    As for that certain “something” that you mentioned and that you and I have discussed before, I’ll offer two theories, for now:

    1. The lyrics are largely based on Milton Ager’s “Happy Days Are Here Again.” It also contains lines based on lyrics featured in “About a Quarter to Nine” made famous by Al Jolson. Nile Rodgers has stated that these depression-era lyrics were used as a hidden way to comment on the then-current economic depression in the United States.[4]The song was written for a Movie called, ” (taken from Wikipedia article on the song “Good Times”.)

    Hey cuz, the dang lyrics are from “Depression Era” songs. No wonder it has a foreboding feeling to it!

    Just a theory though.

    2. The guy that I hired to teach piano lessons to my ex-wife and son, who was also a good friend of mine once told me that the “minor” keys tend to have a “sadder” tone, while the “major” keys tend to have a “happier” tone. Ironically, a song about “Good Times” is written in mostly “minor” keys, which lend it a “sadder” tone. I’ve since researched his assertion and found it to be supported in other sources.

    Just another theory though!

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    1. For all you readers of the “My Jams” posts consider yourself SKOOLED!

      Go ‘head on Prof!

      I am gobsmacked by your comments. Did you quote a long ass George Clinton made up word? I remember that! I could never really say it! It was something like Supercalifrajilisticexpealidocious; but not really!

      I love the research on Good Times. I knew some of that but not all of it– so thanks! I learned about minor and major keys when I took music class. It’s amazing how music can evoke emotions almost reflexively! (I don’t even know if that’s a word but you know what I am saying.)

      Yeah, as we said, The US Air Force took my cousin away back in 1979. I won’t talk to you again for another 11 years after that.

      I guess sweet baby Jesus wanted me to be prepared before he brought us back together.

      That dynamic duo that is Big cous Ron and Lil cous Gwin!

      Always gone be together baby!

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  4. The preface to this post is another one of your well-crafted literary jewels. This one is so well written I can hear the sounds of the folks and the music at the family reunion. The “your child looks like” people struck a chord with me because God knows my parents have heard that one a lot. Some mindless folks used to tell my folks I looked like my Mom’s brother. Really fool? Do you know the implications that can be assumed out of what your dumb a*** just said.

    But there’s always that one at the cookout or reunion that don’t care what comes out of their mouth. And this wonderful preamble of yours walked me into My Jams 79 and baby as always you got it poppin’ with a menu of music that revived good memories and took me on a myriad of good time carnival rides from a year that was very good for me. And your music selections is a playlist

    Good Times by Chic is one of my all time favorites from 79 and should be the poster song for the ambiance and tone of most of the music from that year. As your stellar roster of music here suggests the airwaves were bountiful with audio fruits of happy, energetic and feel good tunes. Yes, there were testaments of lost loves and broken hearts – but these even aimed for better and happier days.

    Teddy P. What can I say. Now there was a dude that would have folks winding up with chillens if they weren’t careful. Teddy was a take charge singer – and I think the ladies loved that. Keith sweat begged – Teddy straight out told you what to do – TURN OUT THE LIGHT! Love it! TURN EM OFF – now dammit. He d have the woman stumping her toe trying to get to the light switch. “Lemme turn these damn lights off and get in this bed – this dude ain’t playin wit me”.

    Ain’t no stoppin’ us now by McFadden and Whitehead – Feel good motivational in many contexts.

    Anything Cameo did was good with me. You’re right about Sparkle being a bonafide winner with the ladies. Things were a bit more virtuous in 79 but if you were lucky this one might trigger permission to dry hunch.

    Your senior citizen comment about Tyrone Davis got me to laughing so hard I had to step away from the keyboard. Got to watch them OGs baby they know a thing or two bout “Mackin”. Mr. “Turn Back The Hands of Time” was still holding his own in the 70s.

    I Wanna Be Your Lover – Lady, Prince did the damn thing with this one. Straight no chaser.

    I’m not going to turn this comment into an exhaustive review of this stellar post of yours. But Lady do know this has made my Thursday!

    I have to thank you for another wonderful edition of My Jams – I am loving this. I’m going to make me a “My Jams” playlist from this post – the music is just that awesome.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much G! I bolted over when you mentioned that people said you looked like your mom’s brother! People just don’t think do they?
      And yes, I know I woulda stumped my toe messing around with Teddy.
      Keith? Chile Keith wasn’t begging, he was whining! But I did love me some “I want her”, “Make it last forever” and “How deep is your love.” Shit I know autotune when I hear it but I chose to look away.

      Tyrone had my ass rethinking the whole old man younger woman thing! In the mood? Whaa? He had another one out bout that same time but I can’t call it right now.

      As always, thank you so much for your kind words.
      Keep checking back, you know folks gone’ have more to say.

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  5. T. Wayne

    Usually when I come through here for my weekly serving of Jams, I try not to ramble on too long. This time though, I gots to say something! Or a lot of somethings!

    Twin! You had me way back at Mass Production and “Firecracker”! That one got plenty of play in the ole boom box back in the day!

    And it’s so nice to see my homegirl Chevvy up in here! (waves) Come on in here, this is like home! We gonna have us a good time today/tonight!

    So: Twin, you DID that! Of course, I have some comments, and some additions (it wouldn’t be me without either):
    Would you believe I heard “Reunited” on the radio THIS VERY DAY! Sure did. And so glad Chevvy came through with part two of the TP seduction saga-can’t get the girl home without them burnin’ hot oils, baby! Now you know you wrong for calling Smokey out for being 77 years old! That “phone book man” (cause he sing the phone book and make it sound good) was putting it down on that one! I have to admit though, I laughed my a$$ off when I read it.

    Thank you for bringing up that bassline on The Jones Girls track. You might hurt something listening to that if you aren’t careful! You DID NOT on that Tyrone Davis! All I’m going to tell you is be careful when he gets to the line about ice cream! 🙂

    I could go on and on about your choices, they are straight fire, girl. But I got me some too! Peep this:

    You Know How To Love Me-Phyllis Hyman
    I Want Your Love-Chic
    Sail On-Commodores
    High On Your Love Suite-Rick James
    It’s My House-Diana Ross
    Pull My String-Lakeside
    Keeep Your Body Workin’-Kleeer

    Twin! That funk monster right there? I’m going to just drop that right there, and tell you, there’s a little something about that over at my house!

    Ok. I’m done! Ugh!

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Thank you Twin! But not the holy ghost!!!!! Now that is nasty, dirty funky FUNK!
      and OMG you DID NOT holler Rick James “High on your love suite!!!!”
      I AM DEAD!!!! Haint, corpse, specter, phantom……..DEAD!!!!

      Hell I thought I was doing something with Bustin’ out! That was the shiznit!

      And of course, Phyllis Hyman-Baby you HAD to! And Pull my string by Lakeside? What the hell did I tell you about SOLAR? I told you they wasn’t gonna be bullshitting!

      Dang Twin, as usual you have wrecked the place!
      By the way, I ain’t afraid of no old man offering ice cream! If he got it like that I’m game! LOL.

      Started to do a poll to see if people are interested in me taking this into the 1980’s . Maybe I should let it end here. I have plenty of jams from the 80’s but I don’t want to bore folks with a long series.

      What say you?

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      1. T. Wayne

        That old man knows where to go (and for that matter, stay) to keep some loving! He knew he was wrong way back for trying to leave in Can I Change My Mind!

        I say: keep on keepin’ on! Maybe some of these young folks might want to get brave and chime in on some of this…leaving us “experienced” folk to set ’em straight! But like I tell others: your house, your rules!

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        1. T. Wayne

          You already know, girl! Plus, I may be one of the few who says that Off The Wall was better than Thriller! Maybe one day I’ll say why I feel that way!

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        2. Sounds like you got Ty pegged just right. I said something about his ass in one of the earlier My Jams from like ’68 or ’69. In fact, I was speaking specifically about Can I change my mind. You know I gave it some typical Lady G treatment!

          I know one thing, if you can master Change my mind on guitar you are good! Everybody can’t really play it!

          Liked by 1 person

        3. T. Wayne

          He learned! She didn’t bat an eye…as I packed my things to leave….but ooh the wind is out tonight….I would like to, start all over again! LOL

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      2. T. Wayne

        Oh…and thanks for bringing up Lady T! You know black folk all over the country lost their minds when they saw that album cover and saw she really was white! Shoot I had relatives almost spill their liquor after hearing “Fire And Desire” after they found out she wasn’t what they thought she was!

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        1. There is no way in the hell I’m not gonna talk about Lady T. That was my girl!!! Do you hear me?
          Irons in the Fire
          Behind the groove
          I need your loving’
          Must be magic
          Portuguese Love
          Tune in tomorrow
          Young love
          Should I go on?

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        2. Do you think it could be Leon Sylvers cause it was not unusual for him to be playing bass on those SOLAR jams!
          By the way, I just got ‘ high on your love.’
          Just switched over to “Big time!”
          “I wanted to be on a stage where bright lights shine on me, at Carnegie!”
          I loved the little violin plucks Rick sticks in there.

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        3. Twin I am DOA!
          Man that T Wayne two step is waaaaaay more complicated than I thought. I was loving it! The two step stayed the same but the arm movements and abdominals got downright complicated!
          Hell you was jamming so hard the dog had to join in! LOVE IT!!!!
          Thanks for that one!

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    2. WOW T Wayne! that last song really brings the Funk, Right away, I’m in the middle of an African jungle and the brother on the drums and whoever was on them cowbells was killing it in that breakdown!
      I also wanted Sail On on my list but my list was long enough already.

      Great additions

      Liked by 2 people

        1. In bed half the day with a cold (first one in years, must be getting old) lol. the second half of the day spent on Liza, but I have one coming. Just wanted to read ya’ll’s first.

          Liked by 1 person

  6. Yass ma’am Ms. Chevvy! Girl I can see you getting it on that table! Lady G has been known to hop up on a table herself. I had no doubt that you would live up to your sexy introduction. Baby sexy recognizes sexy! LOL.
    You brought some goodies to the table I see. Baby, there is no seduction without TP. Honey, he was used as an example during my presentation on the Art of Seduction.
    The Whispers and Kool and the Gang are a MUST! So thanks!
    Although I haven’t had the pleasure of knowing you that long, I already find myself saying, “Dang, why can’t Chevvy be on U.S. Eastern Standard Time. But Lord if you were, we might not never get a thing done because I could talk back and forth with you all day and never get bored!
    Good night my sweet.
    We’ll pick this up tomorrow. By then our dear T. Wayne will have had time to weigh in!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yeah, I missed the party alright. I’m glad you join y’all even though you are all fast asleep. Lady G, I just love what you’re doing here and I still have to get back into the time machine of previous years I’ve missed so I aint leaving the 70s just yet. As for the 80s – you just have to take us there. I bet that was when everyone was having the time of their lives and I’d like to hear and share all the stories you tell so well! Do I hear an Amen Chile???

      Seriously though, this is such fun and while I’m all for moving forward and keeping up with the times, this music is our DNA and as I always say to anyone who’ll listen, we each have a soundtrack/s to our lives and this reminiscing while having fun, helps remind us of our roots, what made us who we are. So Lady G pardon me but I thought I’d leave this with y’all:

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Oh thank you Chevvy. It all goes back to what we were talking about in regards to manifesting the life that you want. So I asked myself that age old question: “What would I do even if I weren’t getting paid?” There were several answers and this series is one of those. I could talk, write about good music all day long. Someone said, do what you love and the money will come. I don’t know if that’s the case but this is something that I love. I also love telling stories too so that fits right along.

        So to your point, everybody is telling me to keep it going. That is so inspiring to me. Oh I agree 100% with your point that this music is now a part of our DNA or maybe it always was and it just revealed itself at a very specific point in time-right when we needed it so that it could follow us all the way through life. I’d love to hear Ron, Geo and T. Wayne’s thoughts on the whole DNA thing.

        Thanks for Ms. Gladys honey! She’s another Georgia Peach. Hey, I hereby dub thee, Chevvy, an honorary Georgia Peach! LOL

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Oh yeah – I’m on that Midnight train girl. I must say that I was smiling to myself when I was reading your accents and it seems so “ENGLISH” to be as English as I am . I think I’ll have to through in a few African words here and there huh!.

          I understand exactly what you are talking about – doing what you love. I too am enjoying all of this and even if we still have to do our day jobs in between, I don’t believe in postponing my dreams – very impulsive and reckless that way not that I’d recommend it to everyone.

          I often listen to my friends saying they’ll travel when they retire. I say – I’d rather sacrifice something else now than go gallivanting on a Zimmerframe (no offence intended to anyone) Just also see too many people dying young without fulfilling those dreams. But let me now press the pause button:-)

          Liked by 1 person

        2. Sorry, somehow I missed this response Chevvy. I know you are sleep now but I just had to say that I couldn’t agree more. By the way, I had to google Zimmerframe! LOL Here, we call it a walker!
          LOL, this is just too much fun. In any case you are absolutely correct and it’s time for me to manifest all of the things that I want to see happen now! You are such an inspiration for me and I am sure for anyone who comes in contact with you!

          Oh yeah, please do throw us a few African words! I’d love to know more about SA.

          Liked by 2 people

        3. Chevvy:

          Here is something for you that I just shared with T. Wayne. It is from Cameo and I love it! It has a very nice message and it is relevant to our conversations, Enjoy my love!

          Liked by 1 person

  7. Hey Lady G – it’s almost my bed time here in SA so I figured, I need to get my word in early. Hilarious as usual and I’m sorry I’m coming in here at the end of the decade. Now given your seductive introduction of me I can’t let the house down right? So first it’s good to say that we fake Americans down here were groovin to the same things as you folks were – we’re great at being copy cats. Loved your story about complexion – hair and complexion was always a big concern of aunts, uncles, neighbors, grandmas etc so I know exactly what you’re talking about.

    But onto the serious stuff – the sad occasion of saying goodbye to the 70s – Lady G, don’t know if I’ve told you that I can get wild enough to dance on the table – I expect my partner to hold a candle while dancin’. So to add to your jam list may I suggest a slow dance to this sexy man:

    And if we need to turn up the tempo – how about?

    And since I’m taking advantage of your warm southern hospitality how about one for the ladies to groove us out of this amazing decade:

    So I’m raising my glass of Champagne straight from Paris Lady G – saying Cheers from Chevvy 😘

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Chevvy, I’m completely on-board with your choices, especially Teddy “the Teddy Bear” Pendergrass; “Turn Off the Lights”. And, it doesn’t get any smoother than the Whispers, “And the Beat Goes On”. I love it!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Well Ron, I’m glad we’re agreed. I’ve been chatting with Lady G and T.Wayne about us compiling a sexiest top ten male vocalist (voice being the criteria) and this man – this man! – makes it onto my list for sure. He doesn’t just turn off the lights, he closes the door and keeps on taking me higher. Well ..Well – sounds like he is still my latest and greatest inspiration y’all 🙂

        Liked by 2 people

        1. Oh! great to meet up in the daylight hours and I’m seriously looking forward to the 80s. I love introducing Maysa to people who don’t know her. Thanks for a great time Girlfriend:-)

          Liked by 2 people

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