What Jesus Are You Talking About?



I know this lady who was raised in a very depraved environment.  She, her mother and her siblings were treated as if they were the private property of her ‘father.’

This young lady had been worked, raped and nearly beaten to death.  She was not allowed to go to school so she never learned to read.

Throughout her teen years, her ‘father,’ who had been her main abuser, gave his friends permission to violate her in any number of ways.  As a result, she gave birth to six children; each with a different man. Her father sent several of the children away because he said that it wasn’t his responsibility to feed them.

Sadly, the young lady was never told of their whereabouts. Before long, she and her remaining children suffered the same fate.

This young lady, who had nothing but the clothes on her back and three children in tow, did the best that she could to keep her family alive.  However, she found that she was unable to suppress the urge to imitate her abusers. She frequently beat her children mercilessly.  She sometimes neglected them and oftentimes withheld love and affection.

No doubt, she had begun to recreate a home environment that was not unlike the one that she had been born into.

Unfortunately, the other day, I learned that her 14 year old daughter is pregnant.

Frankly, I am disappointed, but not surprised.

Anyway, recently, I stumbled across a man on TV sporting a T-shirt with the graphic “One nation under God” yelling, “It’s not my responsiblity to ….”

Frankly, my friends, I couldn’t be bothered with listening to the details of his diatribe but I can tell you that I’ve seen just about ten thousand variations of this same hypocrite complaining that it’s not his/her responsiblity to help:

The poor

The hungry

The abused

The uneducated

The elderly

The children

The immigrants

The sick

The injured

The underrepresented

And the freaking list goes on!

I promise you, I wanted to jump through that TV screen and yell the following:

Dude!  I implore you to take that T-shirt off because you are doing God a huge disservice!  Please just stop it!  And another thing, go read that Bible that you, no doubt, have ignored.  Pay particular attention to the words that Jesus said!  As cousin Ron teaches, “Read the red!”  (Remember, in some versions of the bible, red words are used to denote things that Jesus actually said.)

Now, dude, after you’re finished doing that , ask yourself WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?

Here’s a hint, if you get any answer other than help those who are in need then I have to ask, “What Jesus are you talking about?”

End of Rant!

Ok so don’t get me wrong, I get the concept of self sufficiency, but everybody who has ever achieved any amount of success has had some amount of help from somebody!  You better believe Donald Trump’s pappy helped him to attain financial success.

Remember, one can only pull himself up by the bootstraps if he has BOOTS!

America, the world is watching!

So what is we gon’ do y’all?

Lady G is now stepping down from the soap box!

34 thoughts on “What Jesus Are You Talking About?

  1. Agree a thousand percent!!!!! I’ve said the same things myself! Even though I’m Jewish by birth, I have great respect for Jesus and what he is reported to have said and done. He walked the talk.
    The only little thing that made me hiccup was when you mentioned trump’s supposed financial success. Of course you know now that no one will lend him money anymore, he bankrupted six companies, even running a *casino* into the ground. So I would instead associate him with ‘financial failure’! Ok, my rant over! 😉

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  3. God Bless you for your work through Jesus Christ, In our Body as a whole, shining your light before all men and women, nations and the world as a whole. God bless you. Come also visit, let us share each others, word and gift from God, Let us fill the hearts of others. I encourage you and bless you. Let Gods anointing flow through you and place you higher and higher in your calling from God.- Daniel Byzewski

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  4. We formed a Union because we understood that we can accomplish more together than we can individually. The whole point of making civilization is to mitigate life’s hardships.

    Libertarian rants are just another way to use the N-word.

    There is no one more despicable than a hypocrite who uses Christ as a shield for hate. It is exactly what I would expect from the devil.

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  5. Unknown

    Thanks Gwin and Ron! I really enjoy reading your posts they are both positive and inspiring. I don’t reply much but just know I am checking you out!👀👀

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  6. So on point Lady G! After Cain slew Abel, God asked him, “Where is your brother?” Cain answered, “I don’t know. Am I my brother’s keeper?”. Bam! Guilty as charged! That guy is just as guilty as was Cain for the murder of his brother.

    “In the red”, Jesus said that the two Greatest commandments are Love God and Love your fellow man as yourself.

    Yes! What Jesus? And what God?

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    1. Thank you cous! Some of these so-called Christians need to check themselves!
      But let me also say that anybody who claims to know and follow God- whether they subscribe to Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism or any other spiritual path should make sure that their actions are fully aligned with the truths of those religions. Right now so many of us are completely out of order.
      You said it best when you quoted Jesus’s advice to Love God and Love your brother.
      That’s whats up!

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  7. Very necessary and true message that a lot of people need to acknowledge.
    “everybody who has ever achieved any amount of success has had some amount of help from somebody!” – You are 100% correct. No matter how self-sufficient or successful anyone is someone had to open some doors for them and be some rungs on that ladder they climbed up. I believe that we all have some degree of an obligation to help others when, where, and however we can.
    The phrase “Pay it Forward” became popular years ago. I think one should consider paying it forward , paying it Backward or anyway we can.

    “You get back what you put out there” is a very true statement.

    “Help somebody, help somebody, give a little bit more” – Maxwell

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