Making Mama’s Sweet Potato Pie And Dealing With Her Loss During The Holidays


For Thanksgiving this year, I did my best to replicate my mama’s sweet potato pie. 

I haven’t tried to make one since she walked me through the process about a year before she died.

With every passing holiday since her death, I simply could not bring myself to attempt to make one of mama’s sweet potato pies because the whole thing was too much of a reminder that she was gone.

So, I retired that dessert from our holiday menu and, in the interim, lost the instructions—which I wrote down the last time we made one together. 

Remember, Mama was a southern girl, her recipes are in the etheric, so there had been no written recipe.

Mama cooked everything ‘by heart’; or should I say ‘soul.’

Yes, loves, my hastily written instructions were lost to the annals of time.

Ah, but this year, I decided to un-retire that pie and consult the ethers for guidance.

Of course, I know that there is no such word as un-retire, but I’ll bet you know what I mean.

You see, I simply woke up one morning and said, I’m going to try to make mama’s sweet potato pie.

Well, that idea fell flat nearly as soon as it had arisen.

There was a major problem.

I didn’t have the nutmeg.

I thought to myself, “No Nutmeg? Aw hell—this ain’t gon’ work.”

So why was this a problem?

Because my mama was a simple cook.  She used very basic ingredients, and, in her world, nutmeg in a sweet potato pie is a MUST!

 And I had NONE!

So much for all that smack I talked about being ready and prepared for your holiday meals!

But I refuse to be so hard on myself. 

Basically, my idea to bake mama’s sweet potato pie was very much a ‘last minute’ thing.

So, what do you do when you don’t have any nutmeg?

Go buy some.

But wait, here’s the kicker!

When I went to the store to buy nutmeg, they were out. 

They had NONE!

I forgot to mention that it was the day BEFORE Thanksgiving…and what with the supply chain and all…

The closest thing I could find to nutmeg was pumpkin spice.

Now, you best believe that my Black southern Mama gave me a seriously shady ‘side-eye’ from heavenly realms.

Sensing Mama’s ‘thoughts’ on the matter, I hesitated.

Then I commenced to buy that damned pumpkin spice.

Fun fact, I had never tasted pumpkin spice in all the days of my life!

But after a closer look at the ingredients, I noted that it contained: cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg.

Mama never used cinnamon and ginger in her pies, but there was nutmeg present.

Still, I hesitated.

“This is not going to be Mama’s sweet potato pie,” I thought.

And in that moment, I could ‘hear’my Mama saying, “Ba, don’t worry about that, just use the pumpkin spice if that’s all you can find.”

For Mama knows, in Heaven, as she did on Earth, how type-A I can be when it comes to following directions, rules, traditions and such.

SIDE NOTE:  My Mom and Dad always called each other, me, and my brother, ‘Ba’—pronounced the same way that kids today pronounce ‘Bae.’

See how easily I can get sidetracked?

Anyway, it was time to start on the pie.

All in all, I pretty much stuck to Mama’s ‘recipe’ by adding butter, white sugar, vanilla and evaporated milk to a couple of baked sweet potatoes—again, my only variance was the pumpkin spice.

Now, I warn you, mama’s sweet potato pie seems simple, but, alas, it is not.

My son calls it “labor intensive.”

To put it bluntly, you’ve got to get the strings out.

In essence, Mama taught me to use a mixer to de-string the sweet potatoes. 

In case you didn’t know, sweet potatoes are notoriously filled with fibrous strings!

Trust me, this part takes some time.

As a matter of fact, back in the day, it was not unusual for Mama to run that mixer through her sweet potatoes several times before they were smooth enough to meet her standards.

Now, if you ask me–and I will assume that you are asking me–most people who say they hate sweet potato pie probably ate some that was prepared by someone who did NOT de-string it!

It ain’t nothing worse than a stringy sweet potato pie.

Again, I did everything I was supposed to do to make Mama’s sweet potato pie—save adding pumpkin spice—and it turned out to be damned good!

But I guarantee you this, though it was ‘inspired,’ it was not Mama’s sweet potato pie.

It was mine.

And next year, Mama, I’ll have nutmeg.

I miss you Ma!

A video about coping with loss during the holidays

Thanksgiving Dinner: Wanna Save Money? You Betta Get Up EARLY!

Some things are well worth getting up early for, and these days, a $0.49/pound turkey is well worth it!

You might as well know that I am not above dragging my baby out of bed a couple of hours before school just so we can run like HELL to the grocery store to buy a cheap turkey.

Nope, it’s not above me at all!

To be honest, this past Saturday, I was just about to go ahead and purchase a turkey for a horrifically high price!

Child, that damned thang was $25!

Alas, the manager of the meat department noticed my tomfoolery and stopped me in my tracks!

“You might wanna wait until the 10th,” he said with a devilish grin.

He went on to say that the supply will be low and that some people went ahead and paid the regular price just to be sure that they’d have turkey for Thanksgiving.

The hell you say!

I decided to take the chance and wait to see what would be available for the future sale.

So I stepped back from the freezer and said, “I’ll see you Wednesday!”


Am I a victim of a capitalist machine that has convinced me that I must celebrate Thanksgiving and that I’m required to buy a turkey?


Did I get that damned turkey?

Hell yeah!

The first step to getting well is admitting the problem!


Enjoy this video of me running my ass off to get that TURKEY!

Thanksgiving Dinner: Stay Ready So You Don’t Have To GET Ready

If I’m being honest, you probably should have already purchased everything you need for your Thanksgiving dinner.

No tea, no shade…just facts!

And…you should know by now that LadyG runs a very strict ‘no judgement zone’ on this blog; however, I will let you know when you are flirting with catastrophe.

Hence, this post.

Seriously, what with all these supply chain issues, food is getting harder to come by so extra planning is a MUST!

As for me, I have been buying things for Thanksgiving since September!

In other words, I’ve been watching sales and picking up stocks, soups, flour, pastas and pretty much anything else that I know I’ll want for Thanksgiving dinner.

The other day I purchased some tylenol, cough drops, cotton swabs and a can of cranberry sauce–’cause it was on sale.

A strange combination of purchases?



Hell naw!

I stay ready so I don’t have to GET ready.

So should you!


Now, here’s how I prep my Thanksgiving meal part 1 and part 2.

Let’s GO!

Happy 2021 From My Southern Kitchen!

Watch how I spent most of the time in my Southern kitchen on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. On New Year’s Eve, I prepared shrimp cocktail with a herbed dip, deviled eggs, egg salad sandwiches, and my daughter made some “gourmet style” brownies. My son prepared a huge “philly style” cheese steak and my Dad shucked a couple of oysters for us to enjoy on the half shell.

On New Year’s Day, you already know I got my greens for the money and my black-eyed peas for the luck! I added in some pigtails and flap jacks to make it sho ’nuff Southern! LOL! Enjoy!

What You Must Do Before New Year’s Day…According to Mama

This video, based on one of my original posts here on Seek The Best Blog, details all of the things that my mother required us to do BEFORE New Year’s Day!

My mother was very supersitious and like many of the folks who were born and raised in the South, the idea of the unknown that accompanies a new year is bound to birth any number of superstitions and “old wives tales” that were used as guidance FOR “good luck” and AGAINST “bad luck.”

Don’t get me wrong, they prayed to God, but they hedged their bets! LOL!!!

I hope that you enjoy the video and you can link to the original post HERE!

Halloween Parlour Games with LadyG: Your Energy Readings are HERE!

Energy readings for the fun natured folks who wanted to play a parlour game with LadyG!


There may be another opportunity for people who still want to play.

Stay tuned!

Shenanigans will continue at least until sunset EST, October 31, 2020.

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