A real life dialogue from 1990 between two young co-workers.  

One Black and One White.


Me:  “Hey Teri!  How are your classes coming this quarter?”

Teri:  “Hey Gwin!  They’re coming along OK.”

Me:  “Are you making any new friends?”

Teri:  “Well, yes…but, to be honest,  I’ve noticed that the Black students in my classes aren’t really friendly and they only talk to each other.”

Me:  “Well have you tried starting a conversation with any of ’em?”

Teri:  “Well, no… I mean, I’m not used to being around Black people so I wouldn’t know what to say.”

Me:  “Teri, you’re forgetting something…in case you hadn’t noticed, I’m Black and we talk all the time.”

Teri:  “Gwin, that’s different, you’re Black but you’re not Black Black.

Me:  What?  What do you mean I’m not Black Black?”

Teri:  “See… now you’re trying to make me feel bad, I’m just saying that you’re not like most Black people.”

Me:  “Come on Teri didn’t you just say that you’re not used to being around Black people?  So how do you know how most Black people are?”

Teri:  “Gwin, please don’t get mad.  You’ve been a very good friend to me and the last thing I would want to do is offend you so let’s just drop the subject, I’m sorry.”

Me:  “I accept Teri and I agree; we probably need to move on and start talking about something else.”








Happiness Tag-August 2016



Tikeetha Thomas over at A Thomas Point of View  hit Lady G with a happiness tag!  If you are not familiar with Tikeetha T., you might want to step over to her blog.

Baby, my Sista is the business! I enjoy reading her posts on motherhood, relationships and other real life issues.

Do yourself a favor and go check it out!

By the way, did I mention that she is a storyteller extraordinaire?  YAAASSSS!

And so…

In order to fulfill my ‘Happy tag’ requirements, I am going to list five things that make me happy.

Let me preface this by saying that most of this is old hat for my core followers; and I’ll admit that it is possible that I might have copy pasted some this from my last happiness tag  😜

FYI, did you know that it is still considered plagiarism if you copy your own work and present it as something new?

Um huh…. consider that a STBB Public Service Announcement to all the students out there 😉

Anyway, where was I?

Oh yeah, I was about to say that my new followers might enjoy getting a glimpse into the mind of Lady G.

So here goes:

Five things that make me happy:

Sitcoms from the 1960’s and 70’s:

When I was a little tyke, I absolutely loved ‘Geraldine Jones’ from ‘The Flip Wilson Show.’ It’s pretty safe to say that my spicy side comes, in part, from watching Ms. Geraldine.  Now, if you are unfamiliar with the show, the character, ‘Geraldine,’ is really Flip Wilson dressed in drag.

Who knew?

Anyway, Geraldine was flirty, feisty and she pulled no punches. From time to time, she would refer to her boyfriend, ‘Killer.’

Although ‘Killer’ was never seen, he maintained a very ‘real’ presence on the show.  In fact, there was a scene where a character asked, “Who is Killer?” To which Geraldine responded, “The question is not ‘Who is Killer?’  The question is ‘Where is Killer?’

And with that, Geraldine shut it down! Clearly, Killer didn’t play!


Some of my other favorite sitcoms include Sanford and Son, Bewitched and The Odd Couple, I also like The New Odd Couple-with Ron Glass and Demond Wilson-albeit from the ’80’s.

I could go on naming more sitcoms but we ain’t got that kind of time.

Other things that make me happy include:

Sky gazing 

Give me a crisp starry autumn evening and I’m GOOOOOOD!

Taking pictures 

Quite a few of the pictures on this blog were taken with my iPhone. It should come as no surprise that I am rarely pictured in family photos because I am always the photographer.

Instruments of time, space, weather, travel

Ok, I’ll go ahead and admit that I am a bonafide geek and I am coming out of the closet!

Geeks of the world UNITE!

That said, YAASSSS!!!  Here I am, I am out!  Lady G is a geek!

I am that kid that made an aneroid barometer for an elementary school project.  Oh stop! It was easy, all I needed was a glass bottle, a balloon and….hell you can go google the rest!

Anyway, instruments of time measurement and such fascinate the hell out of me!  One day I hope to go to Greenwich England; if you are a ‘time geek’ then you already know why.

I’ll do a post about it when I get back 😉

Food and Cocktails

Give me some good food, some good drink and some good company and your girl is set!

Five songs that make me Happy (They are in no particular order)

Ok, so let me get this straight, as a huge lover of music of all types, these are five songs that make me happy but there are 10 zillion more that make me just as happy as the five listed below–I’m just sayin.’

  1.  ‘Here comes the Sun’ written by My Favorite Beatle, George Harrison
  2.  ‘Sun Goddess’ by Ramsey Lewis/Earth Wind and Fire
  3.  ‘Hot Fun in the Summertime’ by Sly and the Family Stone
  4.  ‘Dance, Dance, Dance’ by Chic
  5.  ‘Every Little thing she does is Magic’ by The Police

Friends, I cannot sufficiently explain how much music means to me in this post.  Now, if you want more details, start by reading this or that.

Anyway, I am going to tag the following two (NOT FIVE) new followers to my blog.  Flat out, I enjoy reading these blogs because they both give me happy feelings.

Did I just bite Frankie Beverly?

Oh well!

Tessa  This chick can spin a deliciously erotic little yarn!  She’s my homegirl!

Zwanjay  An intelligent brother out there educating our babies!

Thanks again for the tag Tikeetha!

Stay happy y’all!

LadyG 😘💋



Ron’s Time Tunnel: The Birds


A myriad of birds flew through my childhood. Everywhere, there were birds of both the literal and figurative ilk. Some came by way of stories told by the “old folks”, others flew in from childhood adventures. TAKE HEED.


High above the Eagle flies,

Lord and master of the skies;

Wings outstretched to catch the breeze.

Dad said, “Time flies on wings like these”.

He once spoke of an outlandishly odd bird,

Who only flew backwards, or so he’d heard.

The bird cared not about where it was going.

It only cared where it had been.

One bird gave a monkey a terrible ride.

He dove, dipped, flipped and turned on his side.

He rocketed straight up like a jet plane in flight,

but the monkey held the birds neck with all of his might.

The bird squealed, “Please loosen your hold, I can’t breathe!”

But the monkey tightened his grip and dug in with his knees.

He said, “Mr. Bird, Mr. Bird if you don’t want to die tonight,

Stop this hellish flying; straighten up and fly right!”

On Sundays or when ironing, my Grandma would sing;

“Oh Glory, I’ll fly away on some glad morning!

Some glad day when this life is over, I’ll fly away.

Just like a Mourning Dove on that Great Getting Up Day”.

And how about the parrot that just sits in his cage,

talking and talking as if he were a sage,

but fly he does not nor does he sing.

Didn’t he hear Maya explain “Why the caged bird sings”?

You see he couldn’t fly even if he was free

Because his wings have been clipped for a paltry fee.

Talking and talking like some kind of big shot.

But fly like the other birds, that he does not.

In our youth, we shot robins with BB guns.

That’s how we started our springtime fun.

Some may frown at Robin Redbreast’s death,

But it thrilled us to death, to put a bullet in his chest.

A bird is the reason my ear constantly rings.

Once Block, Dad and I were small game hunting.

“White Cloud” was with us too, but walking behind.

I believe the year was nineteen seventy-nine.

We were hunting rabbit but jumped some quail.

One flew so close, I could touch his tail.

White Cloud raised his gun and picked him off in mid-air

I’m sure to this day, that I felt buckshot part my hair

Dazed I stood as bells rang in my head.

It was then that I remembered what father had said.

I could hear his voice rising above the constant ring

And these are the words that he was saying;

“High above the Eagle flies

Lord and master of the skies

Wings outstretched to catch the breeze

Time flies on wings like these”.

By Ron Brown

My Jams ’93

MJ '91 CDs

My Jams posts contain adult language and controversial observations.  They are not exhaustive, nor are they in any particular order.  Song release dates vary.


“Ma, Da!  When y’all go to Alabama can y’all bring me back some souse meat and some red hot link sausages—you know the kind like Granddaddy buy?”

(Mama and Daddy, simultaneously, place their hands over their hearts and give overly exaggerated looks of shock and awe.)

Mama:  (In the most uppity voice she can muster.)  “Whaaaat? Lady Di wants souse meat and red hot saaawsages?”

Daddy:  (In an even more uppity voice.) “Well!  What will the people say?”

Mama:  “Look like L’il Eli gon’ be a ghetto baby!”


I’m just getting my appetite back after spending a few weeks over the toilet puking my guts out!

I’m ready to eat now!

This pregnancy has flipped the freaking script on ME!   I can’t eat any of the things that I normally love.

No oysters, no crab, no lobster, no shrimp…nothing like that!

All I want is stuff that I wouldn’t normally be caught dead eating or drinking.

The other day I wanted some damn red Kool-aid!

What kinda shit is that?  Especially if you consider the fact that I am a Coca-cola/Sweet tea kind of girl!

🙂 🙂 🙂

YAAAASSSSS! LadyG gon’ have a baby!

But let me digress.

Here’s something that you didn’t know.

Mama’s nickname for me, since about age 12, was Lady Di.

I named myself Lady G (In honor of Lady T–Teena Marie) around the same time but Mama always called me Lady Di because I had a certain air about me–you know, like I was royalty.

Only I wasn’t.

Don’t get me wrong, I was a nice and mannerable child-Mama wouldn’t have had it any other way-but I did give off a hinkty vibe from time to time.

Sometimes I still do. I can’t help it 😉

If Mama was alive today, she’d probably be asking, “Who in the hell is Lady G?”

But that was Mama 😉

Oh, just so you know, “souse meat” is also known as “head cheese.”

Do NOT ask what it is made of.

And so…

How are you doing on this sunny Saturday in 1993?  What do you have planned for today? Do tell!  Either way, whatever you got going on right now, put it down so you check out these jams.

My Jams ’93

Freak Me/ It had to be you by Silk

Lady G wanted to take every last one of them Jawja boys –one by one!

Still waiting!  

One of my cousins came close tho!  


STBB Warning:  Fellas, leave them chicks in my family alone, those who were brave enough to follow us, never fully made it back home!  

Just call us sunshine!  


If by Janet Jackson

There are so many thangs I could do to you!

“If I were your girl!”


But did she sample those violins from The Supremes “Someday We’ll Be Together”?

Shole sounds like it!

Lately by Jodeci

KC and JoJo are whining like hell on this jam!

No matter, them boys sung the shit out of Stevie Wonder’s classic!

Take notes Keith Sweat, this is how you do it!

Stay by Eternal

“Stay, stay, stay with me tonight.”

I wonder what happened to those girls?

They were actually really good!

Baby I’m Yours by Shai

DEAD on the scene!  

Honey, Shai had already killed us with that acapella jam “If ever I fall in love again.”

Then they came in with the kill shot on this one!

The riffs on this bad boy are lethal!

One Woman Man by Jade

Did they do it?

Yessir they DID!

“You got to show me and mean the words you say, it’s not a game for me baby, it’s just not that way.”


Seven whole days by Toni Braxton

This Queen Diva is one damn note away from Barry White!

Toni can go low!

But I love that about her!  Too sexy!

But did you peep all them Braxton Queen Divas behind her in the video?

YAAASSSS!  Beautiful sisters that can saaaaaaang!

I loved The Braxton’s jam “So many ways” too!

You don’t have to worry/ No Limit by Mary J Blige

There’s more to Mary than just hopping roun’ the stage on “Real Love.”

This Queen Diva brought it on these jams.

Oh but wait until ‘94!  

Y’all ain’t seen a damn thang yet!

Good Old Days by LeVert

And then there was the time that my play-play boyfriend, Gerald, and his peoples started reminiscing about the good old days!

“Oooh bring back all them good ol days..”


Your love keeps working on me by Jody Watley

I loved this jam by Queen Diva Jody!

If you don’t remember it you need to get to googling.

It’s for you by Shanice

Bump what ‘cha heard, this  Queen Diva can blow!

The melody and groove of this jam help me get my life!

It’s Alright by Chante Moore

Another Queen Diva that can go up all the way up and through the whistle register!


Seems you’re much too busy by Vertical Hold

Don’t act like you don’t recognize Queen Diva Angie Stone when you hear her!


First, it was The Sequence, “Ring ding dong, ringadingdingdingdong!”

Then, it was Vertical Hold …

Now, Angie Stone is solo!

You can’t touch her vocals baby!

Give him a love he can feel by Tene Williams

Somebody said Tene was Howard Hewitt’s niece.  

I simply cannot be bothered to google it.

That said, whoever she is, this “Queen Diva” DID that on this jam!

Lady G is all about the groove!

Them Duke Ellington “Big Band” style horns is killing me!


Um um Good by Men at Large

Aw shit now!

It is possible that Lady G might consider knockin’ boots with a 400 pound dude if he can sing this damn song like Men at Large!

“So doggone good!”

Fellas, put this one on and think about Lady G  😉

Ladies, put this one on and do your thang 😉

Send for me by Gerald Alston

I simply CANNOT!

Call somebody else to do it ’cause I can’t!

Gerald baby please, baby please, baby, baby, please!

Deeper and deeper/ Bad girl/Erotica album by Madonna

Lady G refuses to leave 1993 without a nod to Queen Diva Madonna!



Hip Hop Jams

Nothing but a G Thang by Dr. Dre

“If I got my NINA then you know I’m straight trippin’”

Ghetto Jam by Domino

It Was a Good Day by Ice Cube

Dazzy Duks by Duice

Rebirth of slick by Digable Planets

U.N.I.T.Y by Queen Latifah

Who got the props by Black Moon:  This was my shit!

Whoot! there It Is by 95 South (I ain’t checking for the other version)

What’s My Name by Snoop Dogg

I get around by Tupac

It’s midnight!  Time to go back to the future!  But before I go, let me say this:

To R., my first born:

These jams, and all the ones that came before them, are part of the reason why you appeared in my life when you did!

Now everybody knows why your music knowledge can’t be denied!

Too funky!

You got it from your Mama!

God’s ways are perfect, his methods are sure!

You are a gift from The Most High!

Mama loves you man!

Goodbye, 1993!  May you find repose in the halls of father time.  You’ll always be extra special to me!  I love you!

Come on y’all, let’s go to comments!  Be sure to bring your jams, your commentary, your memories and if you drinkin’ bring your cocktail too!

Don’t worry, I’ll be drinking water!  LOL!!!

–LadyG  😘💋




Technology: 1960’s Style!


Every now and then Lady G likes to poke around on YouTube.

Don’t judge!

You’re at work and you’ve probably just finished looking at it yourself 😉


Anyway, several years ago I ran across this video that supposedly illustrates a 1960’s vision for future technologies.

While I can’t confirm the authenticity, I can tell you that this little gem tickles the hell out of my inner geek!   🙂

Anyway, it’s only about two minutes long so check it out and let me know what you think in comments.


Video credit:   Clark7795

Remember to check out “My Jams 93” tomorrow at 5pm 🙂

Have a magnificent day!

LadyG 😘💋


The Unique Blogger Award

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 9.53.41 AM

Greetings All:

My homegirl, Lennon Carlyle, just nominated me for The Unique Blogger Award!

Baby, if you haven’t already, you need to get some Lennon in your life.  That sister’s always up to something good over at Fabulous with Glitches.  

I love her “Hump Day Shenanigans Series,” and her musings on “erratic text messages.” LOL!!!

Thank you for nominating me Lennon!  

You my gurl!

Oh and did I mention that she’s a tall and gorgeous blond?  

Supposedly, they have more fun right?

Why don’t you pop on over to her blog and see if that’s true.

Anywhats, all blog awards have rules and this one provides no exception for that tradition. That said:

The rules for this award are:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and include a link to their blog. (Done)
  2. Include one meme and one quote you really like.
  3. Nominate 8-13 bloggers to receive this award.
  4. Ask your nominees 3 UNIQUE questions.
  5. Add a link to the awards creator. (I didn’t catch that part.)

Favorite Meme (At this moment):OU Prince

Quote I like:

“Go sit your ass down somewhere!”–Mama

No, seriously, everybody ought to take time to chill for a minute–every single day.  If you do this, you’ll find that you are much more focused and, shall I say, “unbothered.”

Clearly, Mama was on to something 😉

Answers to Questions: 

  1. Use three words to describe you? Effervescent, Funny, Smart.  No shade, I’m just telling you what the peoples have told me.  I would have included Gorgeous, Sexy and Seductive but I was told that I could ONLY pick three!  ROTFLMAO 🙂
  2. If there was one job you could do for the rest of your life – what would it be?  I’d be a AAA Secret Shopper for 5-Diamond Hotels in Europe!  YAAASSSS!
  3. You’re going to be dumped on a desert island for a year and can take three things with you…Chile who you kidding?  Black women don’t be getting lost on no deserted islands!

Blogs I’d like to nominate:

I’m always apprehensive about nominating bloggers because there are a lot of award free blogs out there.  That being the case, I’m just selecting a few of my favorites –I hope they don’t mind.

T. Wayne at A Joyful Process Blog

Lisa A. at Life of an El Paso Woman

Paula at Never a dull bling


There are many others that I’d love to nominate but I’m not sure if they accept awards.

And so bloggers…

If you know that I read, like and comment on your blog and you do accept awards, hit me up in comments so that I will know the next time!

Three unique questions for nominated bloggers to answer:

  1.  When you were 8, how would you have answered this question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”
  2. If you could have dinner with ONE celebrity (living or dead) who would that be? Give details!
  3. Where would you live if money were not an issue?


Looks like my time is up!  Best believe I’ll be back.

But until then:

GB Prince

Love Always,

LadyG 😘💋


Musician Gone Home


Good night dear friend.


We’ll miss your beautiful smile.

Your kind and encouraging words.

And above all…

Your love of MUSIC!


Indeed, God called you home with a masterful melody.

Here’s to a life well lived!

For you Mr. E.








May you rest in peace 🌷



Ron’s Time Tunnel: OLD DEACON’S PRAYER



The Deacons of old prayed FERVENTLY and earnestly.  No one prayed harder and with more intensity than those old school Deacons. I grew up listening to the likes of Deacon Fletcher Brown, Deacon Croff Wimberly, Deacon Leroy Lightner, and Deacon Charlie Brown. These Deacons, in turn, grew up listening to Deacon Charlie Tigner, Deacon Eugene Brown and Reverend A. Jordan Smith. The old school Deacons and preachers practiced a style of praying that is rooted in the West African culture and has been handed down; generation after generation.

Their prayers were rhythmic and melodic; punctuated with unique interjections. When one of these Deacons prayed, one could see the Holy Spirit move through their bodies, sometimes causing them to tremble or beat their hands on a table or bench in rhythmic accompaniment to their lilting and colorful phraseology. And when they finally arose from their knees, wet with perspiration, everyone knew that God had heard that prayer and blessings were on their way. Fortunately, there are still some “Old School Deacons” out there. I pray that the tradition never ceases.


Our Father, who art in Heaven.

Hallowed would be Thy Holy Name.

Thy kingdom come, they will be done;

On earth as it is now already being done in Heaven.

Give us this day, our daily bread and forgive our sins;

As we forgive those that have sinned against us.

And, lead us not into temptation but deliver us

From all that is sin and evil

For Thine is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory.

Father! God of Abraham, Isaac and Joseph;

It is once more and again that a few of us have come together,

with bowed heads and humbled hearts.

Thanking You Father, for our laying down last night

And our rising up early this morning!

Thanking You Father! That the bed we laid down on last night;

Wasn’t our cooling board and the sheets that we covered up with Father;

Was not our winding clothes.

You woke us up this morning; started us on our way

You gave us a portion of health and strength this morning Father! Thanking You Father! For letting us keep our hands in the winding chain, one more time!

Thank You for letting us keep our hands on that Gospel plow, one more time!

We know You didn’t have to do it Father; but we mighty glad You did!

Thank You for waking us up this morning Father still clothed in our right minds.

Thank You for waking us up this morning Father, still having the use of our limbs;

So that we might move and have being in Your world.

Thanking You for letting us open our eyes and see all of our loved ones, one more time.

Father we want to thank You for blessing us and blessing so abundantly

We thank You for putting food on our tables,

clothes on our backs, shoes on our feet

and a roof over our heads Heavenly Father!

We want to thank You for healing us Father!

We want to thank You for healing our bodies,

We want to thank You for healing our spirits,

And we want to thank You for Healing our minds.

We want to thank You for healing in the old folk’s home.

We want to thank You for healing in the hospitals.

We want to thank You for healing at home in our sick beds.

We want to thank You for healing us as we walk around, not even knowing we’re sick.

Father we want to thank You for giving us the wisdom, strength and courage

To lead and guide our children and families in the way You would have them go.

Thanking You Father for the wisdom, strength and courage to avoid the

Traps and pitfall that the evil one lays down before us!

Father we thank You for giving us Your Holy Word to guide us.

And we thank You for sending us Your one and only begotten son

So that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish but have

An everlasting life. We thank You mightily Father.

We thank You for allowing Your Son Jesus to take our sins up on the cross,

Then down into the grave to leave them right there Father!

Then raising Him up on the third day with all power in his hands;

So that we may have life, everlasting life and have it more abundantly.

Father we ask that You keep on watching over us.

Father we ask that You keep Your loving arms of protection all around us.

Father we ask that You take our little hands in Your big hands

We ask that You continue to be our bridge over troubled waters.

Father we know that You’re be a doctor that’s never lost a patient

We know that You’re a lawyer that’s never lost a case.

We ask that You continue to be our Mighty Counselor.

We ask that You continue to be our Rock in a weary land.

We know that You’re the Alpha and the Omega; the First and the Last.

Only You know our needs before we know our needs

We know You know everything. You know the beginning from the end.

And that not a sparrow falls to the ground without Your knowledge.

Father we ask that You continue to be a lamp unto our feet

And a light unto our pathway Father!

And when we’ve gone the last mile of the way

And we can’t go another step farther, Heavenly Father

Heavenly Father, strengthen us where we’re weak

Prop us up on our leaning side.

Build us up where we are torn down,

If it be Thy Holy will Heavenly Father.

We ask that You give us a home somewhere in Your kingdom;

Where we may rest, rule and abide with You Father!

now and forevermore. AMEN

The Bible says: “The effectual, FERVENT prayers of a righteous man availeth much.”(James 5:16)

The effectual, FERVENT prayers of a righteous woman availeth much!

The effectual, FERVENT prayers of a righteous person availeth much!

The Bible says that Jesus prayed with such intensity that his sweat dripped to the ground like drops of blood. (Luke 22:44)

My Jams ’92

My Jams 1990s

My Jams posts contain adult language and controversial observations.  Actual release dates may vary.  

I’m so happy ‘cause today

I’ve found my friends

They’re in my head

I’m so ugly, that’s okay, cause so are you

We broke our mirrors

Sunday morning is every day for all I care

And I’m not scared

Light my candles in a daze

Cause I’ve found God

Hey, hey, hey!

—From “Lithium” by Nirvana—


You know what Kurt?  I wish I could find some friends in my head.

Seriously, I’m about to go stir-crazy sitting here waiting for some good news.  I mean, since graduation, I’ve been putting a couple of irons in the fire but everything seems to be at a standstill.

By the way, I had to turn down one job offer.

Why?  You ask?

Because I applied for one thing and they kept trying to push me into something completely different.

Simply put, I don’t have it in me to go around investigating all the ways that people neglect and abuse their kids.

I hate to have to jump on somebody!

Kurt, I’m not a violent person but I can’t tell you how I might respond in a situation where I know somebody is abusing a child.

God bless the people that can do that work.

It just ain’t for me.

Anyway, right now I’m waiting to hear back about a fellowship that I applied for.

But, I’ll level with you Kurt, my mind is still reeling from taking that freaking GRE.

Overall, I think I did OK, but check out this crazy ass sample test question:

As a manager, you are tasked with planning a staff meeting.  Your meeting attendees include  Al, Bert, Candy and Don.  Bear in mind that Al can never sit next to Don and Don must always be seated next to Candy and Candy must never be seated to the left of Al.

Which option (A,B, C or D) represents the best seating plan for your meeting?

Shit…I don’t dammit know.

To be honest, I kept looking for option E which, in my mind, was “Cancel that bullshit and send a memo of your dictates.”


Like I said, other than that, I think I did well enough.

Uh oh, Kurt, I gotta go, here comes the mailman.  Maybe he has some good news; or at least a love letter.

Oh yeah, one more thing Kurt, please tell Dave Grohl that I might be down with the swirl!

🙂 🙂 🙂

YAASSSS!  The Mailman!  Primary carrier of all news and information happening!  And yes, I meant to word it just like that.  Don’t worry, you’ll get used to my strange phrasing.

E-mail? Text message?  What in the world is that?

Hell Lady G didn’t even get a pager (beeper) until 1993.

Oh, and Fax machines were for businesses honey.

Moving on…

Y’all, Kurt Cobain, of Nirvana, was my imaginary confidant at that moment in time.

Sadly, he left us a few years later.


Believe it or not, Lady G used to rock the hell out of Nirvana’s “Lithium.”

Frankly, back then, it seemed like a fitting tune for Generation X; you know, intermittent lows and highs.

That was us!

Or maybe it was just me 🙂


Anyway, how are you doing on this sultry afternoon in 1992?  I pray that all is well with you.

In any case, you’ll have plenty of space to tell me about it at the After-Party!

And so…

You know what’s up right?

My Jams ‘92

Remember the time by Michael Jackson

YAAASSS honey, when Mike released that video and the peoples saw him do that dance locally known as “The Georgia” we hollered!  I can’t really describe it but I bet you know what I’m talking about: “I bet ‘choo remember, I bet ‘choo remember…”

Now, to be honest, that dance move prolly had many different names.

But down here we KNOW it’s “The Georgia.”

Don’t walk away by Jade

“My love won’t hurt you!”

Chile those Queen Divas kilt it!

That was one of my jammy jam jams right there!

“This is what it sounds like when we make love!”

Hey, Lennon and Tessa! Let’s go get ‘em, girls!

Oh my!  The tales we’ll tell!

Boss chicks!  YAAASSSS!

I’d die without you by PM Dawn

The only song that I liked by PM Dawn.

Back then true hip hop enthusiasts considered them to be kinda corny.

No matter, they had their own thing going on and this was a nice jam.

Breaking my heart (Pretty Brown Eyes)/Forever in your eyes by Mint Condition

“Pretty Brown Eyes” was my “girl” Davida’s jam!  Davida (born David) was my heart.

Whenever we’d go to the club he would decline to slow dance with a woman.

His favorite response was, “Uh no, you might not hold me right.”  LOL!!!!

YAASSSS honey!  Lady G always has and ALWAYS will have much love and respect for the Queens!

Please, no anti-gay comments, Lady G will cuss your ass out about it!

That said, let’s all play nice!

Anyway, I got about a million tales I could tell about me and my ‘girls!’

But I’ll save that tea for later 🙂

Pass it on!

We got a love thang/Inside that I cried CeCe Peniston

Honey, Queen Diva CeCe could belt out a jam, couldn’t she?

“Look what we got!”

Here we go again by Portrait

Hands off ladies!  The short one doing the martial arts move in the video is MINE!

“Here –we— go—–going through the same thing!”

Money don’t matter 2 night by Prince

“It shole didn’t matter yesterday.”

This is probably one of my favorite jams by “The Purple One.”

It is so profound and so true!

Don’t slip, Lady G loves thought provoking art of any kind.

Stay by Jodeci

“Baby won’t you just StAAAAAAy…for a little while!”

“Forget about yesterday ‘cause I want you so bad

Make love to me like you never have..”

Aw shit now!

I simply CANNOT!


Work to do by Vanessa Williams

Alright now!

Queen Diva Vanessa done remade the Isley Brother’s classic “Work to do.”

Did she do it?

You know she did!

Goodbye by Tevin Campbell

An Al B. Sure Production!

Go ‘head on Al!

L’il Tev  know he could sing!

School Me by Gerald LeVert 

STBB Emergency Alert!

Somebody go get a damn paramedic!

Lady G ’bout to pass out!

Syncope!  (Fainting– for you non-medical folks)

Ron come get me! I think it’s my heart!

I ain’t gon’ make it!!!

Where’s the automated external defibrillator?


“You be the teacher, I won’t be no fool.  I did my homework baby, and I’m ready for school…!”

Baby I’m for Real/Natural High by After 7

There go them Edmonds brothers again!

Killing it!

Use me by Men at Large

“Are you hungry?”

This damn song had me hollering!

Nothing like some overweight dudes saying, I know you using me, but if you ‘gon use me –just use me up!


Love’s Taken Over by Chante Moore

Ladies, you know how it is!

You got him now!

“Too bad for you, you can’t free yourself from me.”

Like Ike told Tina, “You can’t get way from me Anna Mae!”


There U Go by Johnny Gill

From the Boomerang soundtrack!

Can you say “sprung?”

Without a damn doubt!

It must be love by  The Good Girls

“‘Cause I’m into it!”

Here go them lightskinded 1990’s Supremes again!

No matter, I loved this jam.

Talk about smooth? Please don’t sleep on this one!  You’ll thank me for reminding you.

They DID that!

Oh yeah, “Just call me” was also boss!

What’s the 411? by Mary J Blige

The album!

Greg Nice kilt me rapping on “Remind me.”

“Infatuated in love with you skiddalee wah wah; Pepe Le Pew!”

Yes he did bite BOTH The Flintstones AND the damn Looney Tunes!

And what?!


Anyway, Mary went and showed her entire ass in ‘93 with “My Life.”

But that’s next year…


Here’s what I was digging in the world of Hip Hop for 1992

Don’t sweat the technique by Eric B and Rakim

Ok children, know this, if you were to ask Biggie or Tupac about flow, they would point you to Rakim!

The rapper’s rapper!


Y’all don’t want nar’n day of Rakim!

Side note:  The word ‘nar’n, is a Southern U. S.  colloquialism for “NONE” or “Not one” or  “Not any.”

You get it now right?

Rakim? Check his technique aspiring rappers!

Learn from your elders 😉

They want EFX by Das EFX

Bum stickity…

I just can’t with that!

The kids loved it!  Shout out to “The Stoker” all up and through Augusta and the ATL.

Fakin’ the Funk by Main Source

Stop frontin’ or you will get called out!

Me and my baby boy rock this all day every day!

Question, what is the connection between actor Cuba Gooding, Jr. and this jam?

Go google it…I’ll wait!

They Reminisce T.R.O.Y by Pete Rock and C. L. Smooth

Much respect to Trouble T-Roy


Ex girl to the next girl by Gang Starr

“The girls look so good..”


Can’t nobody hit that “NEXT” like Guru!

RIP Brah!

I got a man by Positive K

“What ‘cha man gotta do with me?”

Ladies, if we heard that line once, we heard it a thousand times.

Dudes still runnin’ it!


Happy 70th Birthday Mama!  WE LOVE YOU! 🎂🎁


Alas, we have come upon the witching hour!  It is time to release 1992 back into years gone by. Love you 1992!


We can still keep it going in comments!  YAASSSS!  It’s the after-party!

Bring your commentary, your memories, and your jams!

Lady G



True Railroad Stories: The Gathering of the Fireflies


These are true stories about my father’s experiences working on the Railroad for 31 years. I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do.

Lady G 😘💋


There is a creek running under the railroad track in a rural section of the mainline between two major cities in Georgia.

My train crossed the bridge over this creek on trips to and from these cities–usually in the dark of night.

At a certain time of year, fireflies would gather, in numbers too many to count, from the surface of the creek, up to, and above the trees lining either side of the creek’s banks.  These wondrous creatures were so closely compacted that they illuminated the entire area in a way that resembled a spectacular show of lights.

On nights, during the time of year for the fireflies, our crew would, on approaching the bridge, slow the train down and dim the engine headlights in order to observe this spectacular scene.  We were well aware that we were among only a few who would ever be lucky enough to witness this beautiful and natural phenomenon.  

Over the years, I would fondly recall and ponder the meaning of this experience.

I concluded that every firefly represents the birth of a new soul that is beginning life on earth.

Usually, that soul arrives in our midst, finds a mate, lives its life here on Earth and then departs.

Southern folklore has it that each soul that once resided on earth is represented by a star in the heavens. I believe that a flickering star is sending a heavenly signal to its earthly mate about its new location.

In essence, it is an invitation for both of them to reunite and spend eternity together.

Admittedly, I can’t be sure that my belief is true; but, it definitely seems likely because the firefly show took place at Spirit Creek.

-The Conductor


I don’t know about y’all but I believe that my Daddy could be right!  

At least I’d like to think so anyway.