Collard Greens Staked in Containers | Greens From Daddy’s Patio: LadyG & Daddy Fuss | (S.2 Ep.2)

Collard Greens staked in containers from LadyG and Daddy’s garden

In this video, I decided to harvest some collard greens from our garden. Daddy starts fussing at me for not cutting the collards closer to the stalk.

He swears that I “left enough food on the plant for a baby.”

After the harvest, the collards, which grow upward like a little tree, had to be staked in order to keep them growing straight–we don’t want them to lean and break.

At any rate, I am including my own “closed caption” in the video because Daddy talks low and he has a very deep Southeast Alabama accent; hell, he makes me sound like I’m from New York–and that takes some doing!

***Caveat: I didn’t caption everything he said—I want to tune your ear to our beautiful dialect!

Good luck with that!

By the way, don’t let the accent fool you, my Dad tested high enough on the ASVAB (or whatever the equivalent was at that time) to go to Air Force flight school–and he was only 17!

Sadly, a physical injury kept him out.

That said, we might talk slow but we ain’t no dummies!


Anyway, at one point in the video, you’ll hear me cuss–but don’t worry, Daddy had walked off for a second to get the water hose–he couldn’t hear me.

That was more of an inside joke between me and my son who was acting as my camera man. LOL!

And now…

Watch and listen to all the antics in the video on harvesting and showing our collards staked in their containers.

Cooking Tips, Garden Talk, Juicing Complaints and Spiritual Guidance In Less Than Three Minutes

LadyG’s famous collard greens with ham

Today, I am in a random mood so I decided to cull together a few cooking tips along with some pictures from my garden and a quick talk about spirit.

Peep below to get the goods!

Be warned, there’s a bit of salty talk (cussing) in this video. So if you have delicate ears or you are under a certain age–chile, please move on and know that LadyG loves you anyway.

And now…


A Family Conversation: Family Traditions, Beliefs and Superstitions (Part III) New Year’s Day 2020! Where’d We Go Wrong? Why New Year’s Day Brings Feelings of Forboding

Photo by Pixabay on

“A Family Conversation” is a storytelling audio series that features weekly discussions between blogging cousins LadyG and Ron Brown on current events along with favorite posts from each other’s blog.

Updated 2/7/2021

Adult Language

I’m asking the above questions because we can all agree that The Year of Our Lord 2020, was, for all intents and purposes, a neon nuclear dumpster fire to the millionth power!

That said, we must ask ourselves what in the hell did we DO or FORGET to do on New Year’s Day 2020?

I heard somebody say, “pray!”

Yeah, well that’s a given—chile we pray ev-ery-day up in here!

Alas, since we’re still amongst the living, I’d say that we did receive our most sincere plea!

Praise HIM!


Hell, after the first week of 2021, I was beginning to wonder, once again, how I might have broken rules of superstition on New Year’s Day 2021.  

Fortunately, I only had to go back seven days.

As far as I could tell I was good.

So there’s that.

At any rate…

Please join us as we continue our family conversation on New Year’s Day traditions and superstitions. 

We’re talking about:

  1. Ron’s illness
  2. More traditions, kissing and orgies
  3. Ron is SINGLE and ready to mingle!
  4. “Merry Christmas and a Prospect New Year!” 
  5. The “First Footer” and a nod to Scotland.  Learn more about “The First Footer” at The Time Tunnel
  6. What Ron’s sister, Aleshia, told “The First Footer” on New Year’s Day 2021
  7. Where’d we go wrong New Year’s Day 2020
  8. New Year’s was NOT a celebration for enslaved blacks. Therefore, we wonder if the following little known fact explains feelings of foreboding–which prompted superstitious rituals among blacks?
    1. Learn about the dreadful tradition of “Heart Break Day, Hiring Day” which occurred on January 1st.
  9. The “Watchnight” Tradition for New Year’s Eve 1862/ Day 1863
  10. Empathy for the brutality experienced by other human beings
  11. Ron implores us to learn our history

Of course, our original inspiration was this post from LadyG.


Part I

Part II

Time Magazine Article:  ‘The Slaves Dread New Year’s Day the Worst’: The Grim History of January 

Halloween Edition of A Family Conversation: Everyday People Engage in Folk Magick All The Time & “The Client” (Part II)

A Family Conversation, an ongoing conversation between blogging cousins, Ron Brown and Lady G, is celebrating the time of year when the veil between the physical and spiritual worlds becomes paper thin.


More magick and mystery with the cousins!

With prompting from “The Client,” today we’re talking about:

  • The risks involved in seeking spiritual/ magickal guidance
  • Everyday people blending magick with religious and spiritual practices
  • “Shut your mouth powder” on the shelf in the back
  • Whether or not governments practice magick
  • Whether or not you have to believe in a spell to be affected by it
  • Psychosomatic or psychogenic or NEITHER
  • A warning to men about eating spaghetti sauce, chili and gumbo made by women they are casually dating
  • The mind as a powerful thing!
  • Thinner by Stephen King
  • Taking a measured approach to magick
  • Staying out of other folks business
  • Things worse than death


Love Notes From Lady G: Be Happy

How can I love somebody else
If I can't love myself enough to know
When it's time,
Time to let go.

Be Happy.  Performed by Mary J. Blige. Songwriters: Jean-claude Olivier / Arlene Delvalle / Gilbert Askey / Curtis Mayfield / Sean Puffy Combs / Mary J Blige

**For adult entertainment only.

NOTE: Never let anyone else’s advice take precedence over your own inner guidance or the advice of a professional.

Rambling Musical Commentary: We Can Take Forever Just a Minute at a Time

Join LadyG as she shares a storytime about some big ass pancakes, a gaggle of cousins, cane syrup, Uncle Bill, Madea, and her favorite R&B/Soul jams from 1977-ish.

**Post titles always include a lyric from one of the songs highlighted in the audio.


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Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. 

I Don’t Like Kale!

And I don’t WANT to HAVE to!

Flat out…

I’ve concluded, after several attempts at it, I just don’t like kale!

I mean, I’ve done pretty much everything I could to make it tolerable to my palate!

Seriously, I’ve massaged it…

I’ve oiled it…

I’ve tossed it…

I’ve seasoned the hell out of it.

And despite all that…

I just don’t like it.

Well, I take that back, I do like it pulverized into oblivion in a smoothie.

Other than that…

I just don’t like kale!

Do you have a food that you feel kinda pressured to like?

In the words of my Southern playmates of yore:

“I said, I meant it, I’m here to represent it!”

I am a proud veggie lover who actually hates kale!

Good day.